yep, yep and yep ..thanks eugyppius

I'll just add a little note I created last week, the backs-in beautifully with yours

Covid: A Broadway Global Production, brought to you by your friendly pals at Big Pharma

Question .. you know, just putting it out there .. asking for a friend type stuff

.. but is it possible that big pharma already had bioengineered all of the critical elements of SARS-COV-2, by the end of 2018 .. and that knowing all about the moving parts to SARS-COV-2, the big pharma company Moderna was able to begin working on an mRNA vaccine in early 2019 .. and later in partnership with the US NIH and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, was able to file a patent for their mRNA vaccine (widely used now) as early as November 2019 .. one whole month before the Covid Pandemic outbreak was announced?

.. well, here's the red pill

all of the above can be neatly seen in the trail of patent applications filed by the various biotech and partnering US government actors involved .. Moderna, the US NIH et al .. which patent filings not only show that every aspect of SARS-COV-2 had been bioengineered by the end of 2018 .. but that Moderna had actually started work on their mRNA vaccine at the start of 2019, despite knowing they needed to licence essential elements of the technology to complete their aims .. well Dr Fauci et al made sure those IP licences were made available to Moderna, who filed it's joint patent for their mRNA vaccine in November 2019, a whole month before the outbreak was announced

.. that patent is shared with the US NIH and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill by the way ..

.. a further benefit from tracking the patent filings is you get to see which US government agencies and private foundations funded the underlying research into those patents .. and I'll let you guess which names show up

(hint: several US government agencies, and several foundations connected directly to a guy named .. aww what's his name again? .. that's right .. Bill)

all of the above has been fully documented to a very high legal standard (evidence-wise), by Dr David Martin .. look for the document titled:

The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier

but this link should do:


.. it's a large document to be sure, so an easier entree is to watch Dr Martin speak to the document, when being interviewed by US/German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, seen here:


(look Reiner up .. he's gold plate legit)

.. and note that Dr Martin with his lega teaml have had at least one private audience with a US Supreme Court justice, and several other similar meetings with Federal Court justices .. where each of their Honours agreed verbally that Dr Martin has gathered evidential dynamite, but none are willing to allow Martin to run with it presently in an open hearing .. why? .. because big business this time has for now, really put the fix in at all levels

.. James Bond villains ain't got nothing on big pharma and those with vested interests

oh .. I forgot to include

it wasn't just the WEF getting everyone rehearsed with 'Event 201'

(google can't stop you knowing about that little premeditated charade)

no, also go look at the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, and particularly their 2019 Annual Report:


.. who are the GPMB?

why they are a joint arm of the World Health Organisation (WHO? .. yes, the WHO) and the World Bank .. I repeat .. the World Bank

and back in 2019 who was sitting on the board of GPMB?

but who else but our old pals Dr Fauci and the physician and friend of Bill Gates, Dr Chris Elias

the culmination of the push-to-rehearsal by the WEF and GPMB actually saw a cast of global actors rehearse their pandemic rolls, where many cast members were seconded bureaucrats from many affiliated government nations about the globe

.. and guess what .. you can still watch them all play acting, and essentially getting ready for the Broadway release of SARS-COV-2 here:


.. you just can't make this stuff up

.. oh, I'm sorry .. the WEF, GPMB, BMGF, and the big pharma purses who funded the rehearsals could .. and did

Good luck to us all.

Julian Gillespie

LLB, BJuris

retired barrister


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For completeness, let's imagine how this could work in the “fuck-up” model rather than the “biowarfare” model.

The incompetence on display, and the hurried nature of it, seems very compatible with Sars-2 being an accidental lab leak that the Chinese government picked up on early and didn't know how to respond to. Gao is sent to liaise discreetly with Gates, who agrees to change Event 201 to a coronavirus session to see if they can brainstorm ideas to help the Chinese. Gao can't interject much for fear of biasing the responses of the gathered delegates. Unfortunately, the session has been structured as an excuse for a business networking session (corporate and diversity attendees) rather than as a real biohazard wargame. The event is therefore of little use in providing input to them on what to do. Gao returns to China where, due to the innate paranoid secrecy of totalitarian oligarchies stifling decisive transparent action, the medical situation is allowed to degenerate further.

At this point more malign actors, in the Chinese hierarchy and elsewhere, start to muscle their way in to decision-making around Sars-2, in order to promote their own agendas. Chinese military intelligence sources decide that, since their virus has accidentally been released anyway, they may as well put their biowarfare plans into action. The obviously fake videos of Chinese dropping dead of Covid in the streets of Wuhan are circulated to spread panic in the West. China leans hard on the WHO, which relies on Chinese money, to push the Chinese agenda points.

Meanwhile in the West, Gates has a head start, having been warned of the imminent virus by Gao, and decides that if it can't be stopped, he and those affiliated with him can use it to promote his u-/dys-topian agenda of absolute technocratic control. Power players in the Deep State, having a strong incentive to implement technocratic control—with themselves as the technocrats—jump on board, and leverage their corrupt networks in other key Western states to bring other countries into line with the “new normal” of locked-down police states. Only a few minor states, most famously Sweden, are independent enough to ignore the pressure.

Big Pharma was given some warning, but was stymied by their general incompetence and by the biological impossibility of creating a good coronavirus vaccine. The mRNA pseudo-vaccine is able to be delayed just long enough to prevent it from helping Trump win re-election over the wishes of the Deep State, but is anyway ineffective, perhaps even counter-productive. The vaccine was supposed to work, so that the important business of making money could be resumed, but vaccine mandates and passes are implemented anyway because the technocrats want control even more than they want money.

You see that all of this did not require the virus to have originally been released as a bioweapon, only for its release to have been exploited by cynical opportunists.

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“I do not see coincidence, I see providence. I see purpose. I believe it our fate to be here. It is our destiny. I believe this night holds for each and every one of us, the very meaning of our lives.” -Morpheus, the Matrix Reloaded

But remember in the movie, Neo comments on how he doesn’t know what to do. He visits the oracle many times seeking counsel.

This it seems, is where we are at in the timeline of things. Many of us here know, in our guts, we have been duped our entire lives. Perhaps we have had moments of clarity when we felt we could literally touch the veil before our eyes, only to be sucked back into the dopamine vortex of sugar and TV. Our pod.

Now as we search for others we more than likely encounter both figurative and literal agents. Where do we go from here when there seems to be No Shelter?

In the absolutely fitting words of Rage Against the Machine, “the frontline is everywhere.”

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Eugyppius, Thank you for bringing this to light. I have explored and written somewhat extensively about the inter-relatedness of these 'simulations', and their connection to other aspects of the Globalist Agenda.

It was clear as early as February of 2020 that there was a prescripted game plan underlying the 'Staged Fear-Mongering' which immediately gripped all assessments of this situation. Having been aware of Event 201 before the revelation of 'people dying in the streets and welded in their appartments in Wuhan, China' it seemed immediately clear that the recent rhetoric of Klaus and The World Economic Forum, the Progressive Left's proffering of the unthinkable Green New Deal, The Deep State & Subservient Media's mad-dog narrative campaign to bring down the sitting US president, the Machinations of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the unleashing of Anarchist Rioting (praised by Media as "mostly peaceful protests") were all Medusa Headed aspects of the same malignancy. This cancerous infection of our Civilization had been biding its time, plotting in the weeds, awaiting (or perhaps creating) the perfect storm, a constellation of horrific staged events, to perform a PsyOps Blitzkrieg assault on an unsuspecting humanity.

We, the people of this planet, find ourselves now backed into a corner. We have begun unraveling the sheer scope, complicity, and audacity of the rehearsed and carefully coordinated campaign of crisis upon crisis. The staged Fear Mongering, the Big Tech/Social Media driving reinforcement of this narrative, the Worldwide Political Leadership's transparently willingness (Trudeau, Jancinda Arden, Merkel, Macron, Johnson, etc) to sell the deception. All backed by Think Tanks and entities like the Gates Foundation footing the bill and profiting from the coercion. One has only to look at the sheer obscene wealth accumulated by the New Robber Barons of Tech & Medicine, the Driving of enhanced media ratings, the destruction of the independent Middle Class, and the intentional obliteration of small business, the closure of Churches (while Abortion Clinics & Liquor Stores remained open) that has occurred since the onset of this PLANDEMIC!! Lockdowns, mask mandates, the utter "Will Breaking" intentionality of unlawful edicts... all meant to bring the people to their knees, to break them psychologically, and pave the way to an obedient New Serfdom. "YOU WILL OWN NOTHING, AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY!!

Now we are left entangled within this maniacal imperative commanding every soul on the planet to "receive the Eucharistic Holy Host" of these mRNA Experimental Biological Agents. We have left the pretense of coincidence far behind in the rearview mirror of this careening, out-of-control vehicle which was once the Flower of Western Enlightenment Civilization.

That it all should end so easily, "not with a Bang, but with a whimper," saddens me beyond mere words. It would seem we are left with MacBeth's introspective soliloquy"

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

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It's funny that, after all this global preparation for the next pandemic, as soon as it actually came every country in the world bar one threw out those carefully laid plans and instituted extreme policies never before considered. Almost every single 'expert' changed his mind before there was time to compile sufficient evidence to justify the switch. So what was all that earlier planning for?

I was just reading the CDC's 2018 guide to community mitigation of a serious influenza pandemic like the Spanish Flu. It calls for school closures of no more than 12 weeks, and that only for the worst-case scenario of a million-plus deaths. Nothing about travel bans, lockdowns, mask. Just limiting big events and some social distancing on public transport.

There's a lot in common between the Covid response and the Kabul withdrawal. I wonder if they tabletop gamed that one too, then just did whatever when the time came.

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"If you are satisfied with that, you’re an idiot" is going on my tombstone.

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What disturbs me the most is the real possibility that Event 201 was purposefully scheduled just before, made to look disorganized and lamely publicized in a way that would discredit the conspiracy theorists later on. Too silly and hokey to be credible evidence of premeditation and easy to brush off as mere coincidence. 'They' (the powers that be, global elite, etc.- whomever they are) put Event 201 out into the open, as a smoke screen. So, what is beyond the smoke? The virus created the demand for the vaccine. Why utilize a new vaccine technology and push every tactic- fear, bribes, even force- to administer it to as many people as possible in the western nations? Why push something so hard that does not keep people from getting infected or transmitting the virus? Why censor those who ask questions? The only explanation is something sinister.

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You should contact Martin Armstrong (blog: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/blog/). His AI program, Socrates, is well known in financial circles. It foresees events from a perspective of international flow of money. He has said more than once that the WEF members, who include all the luminaries of the European Union, as early as August 2019 began moving millions in investments out of their existing places and into safe havens.

And Martin Armstrong should see your work on Event 201 (which he has mentioned freqwuently in his blog.)

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Excellent piece, Eutyppius. I'm no idiot.

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I was wondering today on the S protein ( vaccine) ability to act as a prion disease and cause neurodegeneration and ultimately change cognition. I am not so interested in long covid possibilities but by lost ability to critically access and evaluate information-frequently seen now with well educated “extreme vaccination gang”. Can you look at that if you haven’t already …posting one of the papers I have seen


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Brilliant even if that weird coincidence has been brought to the world attention before…comes hand in hand with Defuse shambles of Danzack EcoHealth

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Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity. = Marshall McLuhan

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Thank you for article!

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There has to have been 'walking to the bathroom/lunch' convos between some of the attendees. They're all not idjits ... someone had to be talking ... and since then, have been back in touch "remember when we were at the bar at the Pierre ..." ... you *know* the IC has the contacts, minimally the meta data for who talked with who (they have a nexus for slurping up info as there was minimally that CN dude there).

Maybe there's a Taibbi who's willing to obtain an attendees list, get interviews on background. You KNOW those convos happened there, and likely continued in the months that followed.

As I type, I realize this is Alex Jones type talk ... and yet save Sandy Hook, he's been prescient ...

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Thank you for bringing this "Matrix glitch" to light for those of us that are doing our best to find out real news these days. The scary tightening of the noose has begun to have me wondering for how much longer any kind of truth will make it through the censors. At this point, my main news sources are a few trusted people on Twitter: Robert Malone, Ivor Cummins, Vinay Prasad (for his intellectual honesty on masks, at least. But I think he'll come late to the vax skeptical party), and ethical skeptic (for awhile there I thought he'd been murdered.....) And now I have some substacks I follow: you, Alex Berenson, Vinay Prasad, and El Gato.

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Pardon me while I whine.

I would have hoped to have seen at least a list of the Players and their backgrounds

Avril Haines, NSA, CIA

somebody in medical equipment

somebody in banking

somebody from the CDC

somebody in marketing, etc.

and it would at least have been nice to examine the Event 201 discussion of the plan to fight "misinformation" about vaccines

At least you looked at Event 201 a little.

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