I see this as good news. Finally the globalists -- pushing fake climate change, Open Borders, Digital Currency etc. -- have suffered a setback. Over the past several years I've been cobbling together what I call the Anti-Globalist Put People First Agenda. I am hoping the activists, throughout the planet, stand behind it. It is WE THE PEOPLE Vs the Globalist Cabal.

WE THE PEOPLE, of planet Earth, need to immediately unite behind our own complex agenda in order to stop this globalist coup. To that end I've put together what I call the "Put People First" agenda, which has developed over the past 5 years. I'm encouraging everyone to endorse this agenda and cite your support at City Council, School Board meetings as well as during protests. As Benjamin Franklin once said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence: "We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." Here is the PPF agenda as it currently exists:

* No Lockdowns EVER again

* No forced masking ANYWHERE

* No forced vaccinations under ANY circumstance

* Absolutely no vaccine passports or digital currency

* Reinstate all of those that lost jobs for refusing to get the mRNA injection, including all of our Healthcare workers

* Universal non-coercive choice: Wearing a mask or getting a mRNA injection will be up to each individual and there will be ABSOLUTELY no penalty for not complying in or out of the workplace.

* No more censorship of ANYONE whether that be on social media, corporate media or at the workplace. No one should ever be censored or punished for exercising their First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

* Impeach Biden/Harris and reinstate Trump as our president.

* Stop the LGBTQ and CRT indoctrination in our schools and corporations

* Stop the Climate Agenda and make Energy Independence Priority Number One.

* Send every Illegal Alien, that Biden has brought in through Open Borders, back home.

* Stop the illegal mass imigration invasion worldwide

* Legalize the personal cultivation of Cannabis, Psilocybin.

* Legalize the right to take Ivermectin, Hydrochloriquine and other anti-viral herbs and drugs

* Legalize the right to choose when it comes to vaccines, abortion, drugs etc.

* Eliminate Genetically modified vaccines, plants, animals (fish, cattle etc.) and the use of Glyphosate.

* Eliminate the use of Geoengineering: Chemtrails, HAARP etc.* Eliminate the fluoridation of our water supply.

* Stop allowing Blackrock, and other financial institutions from buying up residential properties which will make it impossible for future families to own a home and build up equity.

* Demand your government defund and exit the UN, WHO and WEF


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We're seeing something similar here in Sweden, both regarding Greta the Insufferable and our Green Party.

Thunberg has made a big deal of being "poor" and too preoccupied with her save-the-planet endeavours, only to have that image shattered by her as of yet two criminal convictions and the resulting scrutiny of her finances; your earnings and wealth is weighed in the balance by our courts when setting fines you see, and Thunberg claimed to lack funds which made it possible for alt-media to dig and discover that the rather large sums of money she's apparently earned via her activism has been placed in such ways as to minimise any taxes, and to make her seem without income or assets (a tactic common among members of organised crime, lawyers, and capitalist businessmen too).

Normally, a business-man legally minimising taxes isn't a big deal, but for someone with Thunberg's public persona it is clear proof of how hypocritical, egocentric and out-of-touch she is in reality.

Our Green Party normally has two spokespersons, but has been limping along with just one for an extended period after one of them quit in attempt to take the enormous amount of badwill directed at the party with him. Too bad then that Märta Stenevi is your typical AWFL, insufferable and hypocritical as are all Greens: she is publicly for banning private automobiles, banning petrol and diesel, for planned economy and the usual "green commie-fascist" garbage policies such as multikulti and anti-family. Meanwhile, she and her husband lives in one of the whitest and affluent neighbourhoods in Sweden. Her husband runs his own company and they own three fossile-fuel powered cars.

Still, she's not the worst of them. Her colleague Yvonne Ruvaida once held the swedish record for using taxicabs to and from work, since for PMs this is a tax-free perk, the cost paid by the people. This included letting the taxi-cab wait on her the entire workday, meter running. Ruvaida's exuces was: "Taxi-cabs are a form of public transport! Anyone can use them!"

The new spokesperson is infamous for such things as placing playgrounds adjacent to high-traffic throughfares in Stockholm City's business-areas, to get drivers to decrease speed. When asked about the empty playgrounds, which cost tens of millions (Edit: millions, which is bad enough - not billions!) to make since the roads had to be rebuilt too, he replied that they "hadn't managed to sell the idea correctly".

Here in the countryside, Greens aren't reviled - they are openly hated and are starting to become targets of open (so far) verbal confrontations. Not even the old communist party attracts so much hatred as does the Greens.

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I note your stance that climate hysteria is at its zenith and has already started to decline. But much of the damage has been done - laws have been passed, money has been spent/squandered, and the social zeitgeist down to the kindergarten level accepts carbon as some sort of pollutant that we can all do without. The momentum on cars for example seems irreversible - the era of the hybrid nanny car has started. Germanys de-industriallization in particular is not reversible.

Right wing politicians have been winning but to what end? Trump was hamstrung by the deep state for his whole term. Meloni was totally toothless. Britain has no right wing, they are universally looney left. Even in Holland in all likelihood Wilders oppoments will form a coalition government rather than let him take power. My native Canada has turned into a disgrace beyond my imagination.

Perhaps it's just being black pulled, I just think much of the damage is too far gone

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'they will soon “look for new challenges”'

That sounds vaguely alarming.

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The left always eats its own. Gretas green guards are the new Mao’s red guards and brown shirt youth: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/sunrise-movement-maos-red-greta-green-guards

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Good news on the shifting winds in politics.

I wanted to say that I listened to your interview on the James Howard Kunstler podcast, and I really enjoyed it. Please let us know if you do any more interviews in English anytime.


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The cow fart brigade in disarray?

Pass the BBQ.

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always cheering to be reminded that robespierre's head eventually landed in the basket, too. that's what comes of slandering a child bride.

we don't learn, do we? countries just lurch from one hysteria to the next and their peoples can only hope to enjoy a generation of moderate prosperity before the lunatics burst forth again. doesn't matter what you call the countries or their temporary political alliances.

and i understand your feelings about american atlanticism 'n all that, but you can blame all those sophisticated europeans who kept visiting us in our infancy and making us feel ruffianish and uncultured. we could never stop wanting to impress you guys with *something.*

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"Finance Minister liberal FDP chair Christian Lindner announced his plans to recover the funds by declaring a new, retroactive state of emergency for all of 2023 on Thursday".

What did I say, just declare a new emergency; problem solved 🤣🤣

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I had to read Neubauer's word salad "response" 3 times, thinking I could re-phrase it in a truthful manner...

And in the next paragraph, you did just that!

Thank you.

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There are so many legitimate environmental issues - like wrapping everything in plastic and the "throw-away" culture, and the plastic in the oceans (including masks!) ... but these morons have destroyed the environmental agenda by their ideological focus on nuclear power and windmills. Don Quixote personnified.

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I see this the same way.

Even in the Shire (i.e. Ireland) the changes in Middle Earth are making themselves felt.

Riots rocked Dublin 3 nights ago, an explosion of anger caused by a toxic combination of income inequality and uncontrolled immigration.

Meanwhile, here in Belgium, the ascension to government of the once fringe Vlams Belang following bext year’s elections seems almost a given. South of the border, few believe Macron could hold up against Le Pen in a presidential election if it were held today.

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Love it whe the left eat their own!! Now if only the morons in charge in my country that are trying to destroy our mining and agriculture and put wind and solar monstrosities with transmission towers across prime agricultural land will just go away!

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For the first time in years, one can breathe a bit more freely. I don't think any political movement will be able escape the siren lure of social control systems (CBC + digital ID), so the right will have to be monitored as carefully as the left, BUT at least the catastrophic, self-defeating, suicidal Green Cult seems to be on the way out. That's a start. It's probably not going to get much better, but at least we're taking one step back from the brink of immediate collapse.

It was very nice to learn, BTW, that the Green Party Conference delegates were not as enamoured with celery Schnitzel with vegan ham as they might have believed before the conference...instead, they apparently ordered hundreds of pizzas to be delivered to the conference venue. These, mind you, are the people who want to ban unhealthy food anywhere and everywhere.

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Really is a case of the old adage "what goes around comes around"....and the more the excesses, the faster the wheel turns....in a perverse way,the COVID insanity was a boot on the accelerator

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Eugy: do you have any thoughts on the scrubbing of Dr. Yeadon’s AfD speech? What’s going on there?

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