On my first medical rotation in the 3rd year of medical school, I was caring for a 43 year old black woman in Jamaica, Queens, NY. She was suffering from thyrotoxicosis and needed her thyroid partially ablated. 3 of her relatives had the same condition and after ablation had put on significant weight. So, she refused the ablation for that reason.

I spent more than 2 hours discussing this with her. Attempted every line of reasoning I could muster and she was adamantly opposed. In the end, she could see that I cared and that I was frustrated... she put her hand on the back of my hand and said to me:

"Dear, don't you know... You can't argue with ignorance."

That was a moment of clarity that has clung to me for 40 years now. It is my reaction to Eugyppius' argument. We are in a time of both mass delusion, and a time of Great Evil. There is a malign force that has preyed on the most Amygdaloid Fears of each and every soul. It has poured in through the appetures of Media, mesmerized Physicians and Power-Hungry Politicians. We must fight this fight. We cannot let the "Darkness Roll Back In" and mangle the lives of our fellow humans, and shred the edifice of Western Civilization.



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The lockdowns are the isolation piece of the fear cycle that caused this mass psychosis. Ebbing in and out of increased panic, then isolation. Return some freedoms and let people feel the slightest hint of normalcy and then bring back the panic and isolate. It is highly effective. I have to acknowledge the brilliance in the design, even while noting how evil it is.

We all know someone (likely many) in our lives who we once respected, who stood out as the most intelligent in our social sphere, who fell victim to the fear cycle. Another piece to the isolation aspect of this plan. Those of us who have remained unmanipulated, unafraid and with open eyes, have to mourn a different kind of loss.

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As has been stated far too many times. SARS CoV-2 is among us and will not depart. We must learn to live with what cannot be extirpated. We must turn to Wisdom, rather than fawningly rely on Hubris. If you have been infected, you are likely safe. If not, hold on, seek those offering Wisdom and real treatment.

I took an Oath: Primum non noncere. It is estimated that 45,000+ human souls have died from this Experimental Biologic Injection... That is "Doing Harm!". Also, the Medical & Political Apparatus has abandoned even the pretext of early treatment. The Practioners of "New Religion of the Great Reset" all sing from the same hymnal... Stay Home... Wait to becone ill... Come to the hospital and generate billions of Dollars, Pounds, Francs or Deutsche Marks. YOU WILL OWN NOTHING, NOT EVEN YOUR LIVES... BUT, YOU WILL BE HAPPY!!!

It is estimated that of the 715,000 lives lost in Amerika 85% could have been saved with early inexpensive home interventions such as Vit D, Zinc, Ivermectin, or HCQ. Where are the souls of these purveyors of pestilence who suppress knowledge? Perhaps Dante will carve an 11th Circle in Hell for them?

Today, YouTube has announced it will ban all channels voicing any opposition to the Vaxx. The Purges begin. Tomorrow the Gulags!

Here is Peter McCullough, MD with an encompassing look at what has been done. What should have been done? And, the Black Souls of those devouring humankind:


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"Don't you think it would have been so much worse if we hadn't locked down!?" - that's my favorite line from the people still taking orders from their television. Very tough to pull people out of the morass when they participated in The Hysteria on such a personal level, but I do sense it's breaking.

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“Take any lockdown enthusiast, give him an unlabelled graph of the mortality curves of different countries, and ask him to determine, on the basis of these curves, who locked down and when. We all know he would fail.”

Tom Woods had the same idea: covidchartsquiz.com

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I've seen many claims about vaxx efficacy and effectiveness that are contradicted by real world evidence. 78% of those in hospital in Victoria yesterday (two days ago?) were fully vaxxed. A further 17 (people or percent?) were partially vaxxed. The strongly undermines a claim of protection for the vaxxed, especially since Australia started their mass vaxx campaign later than most western countries.


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It has all been stupid arguments from the beginning. The media still has too many people captured, but it was the brutal police overreactions (often later deemed illegal) that really did the job. If it wasn't for the beatings I don't think so many people would have lost their bearings. Once people could see the price for non-conformity, well it takes a special kind of already outcasts to resist that pressure to conform. I also think it's the thing that will bring them down, but only god knows what the outcome will be.

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Someone should tell Alberta. Rumour is they are locking down tomorrow for a month.

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Singapore vaccinated, kept restrictions then increased restrictions, deaths and cases are now as high or higher than last year

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Thalidomide. Thalidomide. Thalidomide... Now that I have your attention.

Keeping the cattle metaphor in mind: I'm proposing that a significant number in the West want lockdowns, experimental drugs, child sacrifice. My proof is the re-election of any gov't that has done so in the past 18 months. And any reading of history available in a public library.

I'm working class so not good with abstract categories. I have observed a tendency in a category of the educated/disembodied to see theories and abstractions wrapped in skin rather than animals cluelessly flailing about (what is staring them in the face). It's similar to vegans in their 30s coming to terms with having to eat animals to deal with their disintegrating health. I'm not sure if it's atheism, immaturity or decadence.



P.S. Nothing wrong with short.

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The greater risk than the virus is the degradation and loss of confidence of the data we need to understand what's happening, and the science it should support. The increasing reliance on manipulated data and politicized conclusions will doom us to a new dark age.

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I guess it would depend somewhat on which kind of lockdown we are talking about. I detest the draconian measures being carried out in Australia — but if I’m seeing the numbers correctly the US has experienced 40 times the fatalities per million of population as Australia. Of course, the insanity of their measures is unsustainable, merely delaying the inevitable while inflicting vastly more damage overall on the population.

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Can you please review and comment on this https://odysee.com/@en:a5/PK_Tot-durch-Impfung_english:a?r=FZwQRM1NQG4Zphmg1QnwW4uCaALdy4gB

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correct .. core-rekt political spin

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Here in WV around my area we never locked down. We went about our life quite normal. I never wore a mask here, only on flights when we traveled out of our state. Now I've quit flying due to that. I will not go along with anymore . Everyone's numbers are up. We never fully locked down, but now after all the vax this year the numbers are higher. We are till living normal here. Everyone that is vax is getting covid and other cold and flus in the SUMMER. Not normal.

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I don't know if you will see this but I have a question that has to do with vaccine efficacy and Mareks, and wondered if you have any thoughts on it.

Early in the pandemic with the original strain, there appeared to be evidence of substantial cross-immunity. The example of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where I imagine people were pretty likely to infect each other, saw an infection rate around 20%. Later, a paper in Nature appeared to corroborate that attack rate based on incidence of T cell recognition throughout the population: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41590-020-00808-x.pdf

To me, looking at how the spread occurred in the USA, outbreaks would occur, but they did not go as far and wide as I would have expected were there NOT substantial cross-immunity. I don't think that non pharma interventions explain this phenomenon, since masks have pretty much no effect (because it spreads by aerosol and fecal/oral) and the evidence shows only very weak effect of masking; probably the only thing that made much difference was work from home, and even then, hard to say. Community antibody testing, especially in communities where typical jobs were "essential" and not work-from-home, and high rates of public transport usage, consistently seemed to report convalescent rates around 20-30% (which was quite a bit higher than reported incidence of infections BTW). (e.g. 30% in Chelsea MA https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32906151/ )

Fast forward to the risky and foolish mass-deployment of vaccines, which selected for delta and eliminated the original wild strains (as you documented in another post).

I came across the following report from a prison in July of 2021:


100% CDC certified data :)

The paper describes an outbreak in 2 living units of a federal prison, comprising 233 people. That's the count of "exposed" people - it's unclear whether that is everyone in these living units. I believe the prison in question is FCI Texarkana, a minimum security facility that I think has something like barracks, it's not super locked down. (The paper does not say what the facility was, but I am making this guess based on looking at where people in the acknowledgements worked)

The paper says 12% were convalescent and describes the vaccination status of the population (does not say how many convalescents were also vaccinated, nor does it say how many convalescents were re-infected). It also helpfully breaks down the age of vaccinations.

What got my attention was the attack rates among those exposed (unclear how exposure determined):

overall - 74%

unvaccinated - 93%

partially - 67%

2-4 months vax - 44%

>4 months vax - 89%

Now, if we assume that the 12% convalescent were not infected, this suggests an attack rate of nearly 100% of those who are not convalescent, excepting those vaccinated less than 4 months ago.

Here is my concern:

If prior conclusions about the attack rate of the wild type are accurate (70-80% are pretty safe), then this is showing a very different attack rate which would pose a much larger problem than the original virus, and obviously one which vaccination does not help much, or for very long.

Counters to this concern could be

* that there were differences between the surveillance done for the diamond princess vs. this prison?

* t-cell recognition does not prevent infection, but enables a rapid and low risk perfection of immunity

* delta is more able to get past the t cell recognition enough to cause a detectable case, but is no more hazardous because the immune system dispatches it quickly

anyway... hope you see this and it's worth your time to read :) . or at least it is interesting..

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