I'm going to go out on a limb here: corona-like restrictions will not happen again for a very long time. They are/were a unique product of: the death of civic life and religion, mass communication via the internet, the slow decline of democracy in favour of authoritarianism and finally decadence causing fear and sloth.

They are at heart a panic, sheer panic, much like the dancing madness and various other lunacies. I'm reading about the Rwandan massacre at the moment and these hysterias sweep through populations and seem to be as solid as gravity. The moment passes and all that is left is quiet shame and bitterness.

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This from today's Daily Sceptic.


This from The Brownstone Institute

Blighty has been treated to excerpts from Hopeless Hancock's diary, written/ ghosted by journalist Isabel Oakshott. HMG panicking and being outsmarted by FM Sturgeon ,who used every trick in the book to impose a longer, harsher lockdown, all with the aim of trouncing Westminster.

It now seems that Net Zero nudging is gaining traction, not least with the appointment of nudging/ masking enthusiast Susan Mitchie.

The twitter shenanigans are being exposed thanks to Elon Musk and journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss: shock, horror! Intrepid journalists dig for truth!

Professor Bhattacharya's invitation to twitter HQ, to see for himself the character assassination directed at him and his Great Barrington colleagues by twitter 'fact checkers' has been a revelation worth waiting for.

The sheer scale of the collateral damage unfolding is still to be acknowledged and accounted for,although the Great Faucifier has developed selective amnesia and varioous other lockdown apparatchiks are recommending a conveniently charitable amnesty.

I do not trust these bad actors and doubt that they will relinquish their technocratic ambitions, without a concerted widespread popular resistance.

Will this happen?

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This is 100% spot on. I wish I could say it as well as you have in the article.

Many of us had an intuitive sense that something deeply, deeply weird was happening in March 2020. Something way beyond a new kind of flu. I'm 56 and had never seen anything close to it. And yet I was never able to explain this intuitive dread to my normie friends and family.

In April 2020 it seemed that I was the only one not afraid to leave the house. In Seattle where I live the freeways were empty during rush hour. There were overhead signs imploring me to "STAY HOME!". Then the maskers came for me. And then about a year later POTUS threatened to take my job if I didn't submit to an experimental gene therapy relabeled as a "vaccine".

Thanks again for giving us a fascinating sociological explanation for this collective madness that really resonated with me.

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My tuppence worth on a couple of things that spring to mind on reading here yet another excellent article:

- The lockdowns were only possible because so many folk could work from home. Even 10 years prior the digital infrastructure was lacking for wfh. Yes. lots of small businesses went under, but the big apparatus of state and large corporations happily kept on functioning, because of the digital substructure. This digitisation of the world may not be a planned, deliberate act by nefarious WEF clones, but it is a handy by-product of our civilisation which enables surveillance, control and conformity on a massive scale, and most importantly, acceded to by a willing population. (I am reminded of an album cover by the Dead Kennedys, 'Give me convenience or give me death'; or with regards to the willing population the self-cooking pig advertising its best cuts to the connoisseur in Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books.)

- The digital substructure that we seem to be embracing more and more (and yes, the irony is not lost on me of me criticising this while typing away on a digital device...) will be what makes future vaccine mandates and health passes a reality. Every time I see a young person using their phone to pay in a supermarket I want to grab him/her/them by the shoulders and shake some sense into that naive head. I have only earlier today walked out of a little local bakery because they were refusing my cash payment for a sandwich. Here in the UK there is a very obvious and blatant drive by government to get every last little personal interaction onto a digital platform, and what many people are not aware of is that the UK is at the forefront of quiet, unnoticed, polite and seemingly harmless surveillance techniques, to the extent that since about the 1980s we have developed into the most surveilled country in the world. China might be more blatant, but the UK is pretty effective.

- On the biomedical level we have had a form of cultural conditioning for the last five or six decades that has, in essence, turned the western world into a population of germaphobic hypochondriacs. The proliferation of potions, lotions and absolutions for dealing with 'dirt' of all kinds is evident on the shelves of any supermarket. Not for nothing the Puritan saying that 'cleanliness is next to godliness'. It therefore did not take much effort by the pandemicists to convince the majority of the people that the novel virus, or any virus, or bacterium, or speck of dirt for that matter, is a harbinger of certain death. The obsequious hand-rubbing following the religious application of the hand sanitiser was to me a hallmark of the 'pandemic' that was a visible sign of 'we are in a crisis and we need to be afraid', on a par with masking, perhaps even more so. I still physically cringe when I see someone going through the motions.

So yes, the pandemicists were only able to thrive because their messaging fell on fertile, if not to say febrile ground.

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I noticed the pattern in the 2000's. Every few years I would read about the pending "doom" pandemic that might just come next year. Then the movies -- and there are a lot more than the ones you listed. In the 2010's, I first played the boardgame "pandemic". It had brilliant coop game mechanics, but as soon as I played it, I was immediately struck that it was plain pharma propaganda. How they pulled that off, I don't know, but it is still one of the most popular board games, and perpetuates the myth that a global die off from a respiratory disease is inevitable and that the only defense is a vaccine.

I believe this played into the psyche of the majority of people.

Such effective brainwashing.

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Politicians and bureaucrats are not much interested in solving problems. Why work your way out of a job? US bureaucracies can be adept at creating demand to justify budgets (especially when society is not cooperating in providing said demand). See DHS, FBI, DoD for starters. I am a broken record here but a bureaucracy’s number one priority is more bureaucracy. The amount of dumbassery (should be a word) never ceases to amaze. As always, the bad actors will take full advantage of the bureaucracy to suit personal agendas.

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"where the hot new social media platform is called ZapQ and the big antivaxx disinformationist is a “science blogger” named EpiGirl and public health officials recruit a “hip hop icon” named BZee"

I honestly thought you were being lazy today and didn't bother coming up with some creative names.

Then I went to page 25.

Holy shit this is real.

That's probably how I will answer people who argue these people are masterminds. I will just slide them page 25 and walk away.

"The truth is way more depressing. They're not even smart enough to be as evil as you're giving them credit for." - Don't Look Up

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Very very good perspective adjusting piece. However the evolution of fear pumping for control has gone to a new stage. It is now more than just fund raising and keeping one’s job and livelihood intact.

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I feel like when Outbreak is mentioned (which is based on Richard Preston's Hot Zone), you have to mention Crichton's The Andromeda Strain - 1969. Then we should dig up the thinly documented histories of suspected and confirmed lab escapes.

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Those wargame exercises are evidence of pure hubris. They really did believe their own bullshit.

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But how does this fit with Bill Gates having supposedly bought 50 million shares of BioNtech back in September 2019, which I read were valued recently at $550 million now? Did he just have a good hunch?

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Now that Mr 'lockdown' and 'mr covid origin coverup' Farrar has been made Chief Scientist at the WHO, I wonder how long before lockdowns are on the cards again.

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These events do seem to harken self-fulfilling prophesies- Event 201 was Sars CoV 2, the monkey pox meeting and now Bill Gates organized the newest one, predicting an enterovirus pandemic affecting mostly the young in 2025. I agree that these meetings are groupings of power hungry bureaucrats who seek even more self-importance. My basic fear is who is lurking around them or behind them. We have idiots shooting at substations here in the US, these are probably lefty crackpots who want to destabilize our fossil fuel power, a bit like the Stop oil imbeciles. Likewise, self important assholes end up selling military secrets to foreign countries to “burn’ the Trump administration, etc. They are rogue but very dangerous and frequently this perfect blend again of stupid with arrogance (like Fauci). So now we enter the labs who could have rogue actors. How was omicron released and will this ever be addressed? Will some yahoo who believes in the Gates cult be tempted to release an enterovirus in 2025 to make his prediction come true?

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This is all well and good. But. There is a parallel effort that you did not describe. At the same time as these clownish buffoons are war-gaming a pandemic -- people like Ralph Baric and thousands of others are engaged in gain of function research to create real versions of the fictional viruses being discussed. And then in 2019, one (or more than one) of those real gain of function viruses got out. And THEN all of the people who had been psychologically primed by participating in the dumb war games actually did in the real world, the things that they had practiced to do.

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Justice Ginsberg made it clear that Abortion was NEVER about woman’s rights, it was all about reducing the population of minorities that Gates’ father championed Planned Parenthood and stuck his clinics in minority areas. In the same way, the Plandemic was never about public health but about furthering the GreatReset agenda which ultimately aims to do away with representative DEMOCRACY as "obsolete". We've done a great job proving to elites that we are indeed, for the most part, sheeple who are too dumb to think for ourselves or to figure out what's best for us. Despite the tactical retreat, "those that matter" are still full steam ahead towards a global, social-credit score and government digital currency controlled where "you'll own nothing and be happy about it" because they'll own everything, and you'll be too medicated and too "bio-enhanced" to know or care anymore.

These same people want to "fix you" with an mRNA " vaccine" while promoting population reduction. Are we stupid?


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While I agree the pandemiscists are very stupid and also very opportunistic, I still cant get around the idea that this wasn't nefariously preplanned.

-The funding of the WHO by Bill gates

- The Wuhan lab leak

-The clear collusion between Gates and Fauci

-Gain of function research by Fauci-confirmed by whistleblowers

-The WEF and their prophetic statements

-Green/UN 2030 agendas

-The great replacement happening in the West via mass immigration

-Increased surveillance technology infrastructure being put in place as quickly as possible ex)smart cities



Theres just too many coincidences. For the sake of argument ,lets just say corona was an accident/natural, they certainly used it to maximize gains on the tyrannical front and now they've seen firsthand how such an event can accelerate the implementation of desired policies so what is there to stop them from doing so again but this time intentionally?

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