my take is this:

covid unleashed enormous amounts of fear.

fear is a sub-rational process.

the frightened want one thing: for someone to "do something" to make it stop.

so we got A LOT of "something". instead of sane advice and measured response, we got performative pandemic theater that elevated the craziest and least calibrated because that was what a panicked populace was clamoring for. doing nothing was simply not an option a civilization on limbic overload was ready to accept.

"true" was irrelevant. "clear, visible, and participatory" was the name of the game. that's catnip for sociopaths and they were happy to jump onto whatever passed for a white horse and issue loud, shouty orders. and the public was glad to get them. but it did not calm them down. being locked down and masked up made the fear MORE acute. why, after all, would we be doing all this were it not REALLY DANGEROUS out there?

it became a feedback loop. everyone wanted solutions, but none of them actually worked and the participatory act of engaging in them just increased fear and conviction of crisis and thereby demand for the next round of made up solution theater. that's cognitive dissonance for you...

and now we have massive societal bifurcation. half of society is over this. but the anxious half is not and the most anxious 20% who were always struggling to function LOVE the new normal because it has elevated their maladaptations into social virtues and granted them power over other to wield in the service of their own neuroses. this is, of course, what they always wanted.

meanwhile, those who would dominate society and seek dictator status have emerged like an opportunistic infection and pushed on every front at once because when people are scared, they are receptive to such messages. every hobbyhorse from climate to taxes to social justice to socialism has been in full flare up because the societal immune system was weak.

sure, there were conspiracies, but mostly, it was an emergent phenomenon driven by society being unable to defend itself from predatory memes.

it's all starting to blow up now. the lies have gotten too stupid and too obviously self serving. too many people have had it.

the reaction flex to all this madness is coming.

it's the fight for the history of the next 10 years and the determinant of whether we have another fascist moment like the 1930's or another bout of liberty like the 80's and 90's.

this is the part where we all need to fight.

choose wisely.

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I work in a large govt bureaucracy -- we are beyond incompetent. It's hardly even possible to describe to outsiders the level of stupidity that we operate within. People don't believe it. I often describe it as a merry-go -round that can never stop turning, and no one is in charge of it. People jump on and off of it, people add things to it while it is turning, and sometimes things fall of it, but it can never be improved, or corrected, because it was broken from the beginning and no one can stop it. And the odd thing is that, individually, we are all aware of the problems (most of us) and all we feel frustrated with the system, but no one seems able to change anything, at any level of the power structure. A bureaucracy is like a cancer, it grows and grows, but without actually a plan or a leader. There is of course a "leader," but this person sits on the organization like a hat -- usually appointed from a completely different realm, with no real interest or ability to change anything or make waves. Occasionally this person tries to change something, but will meet with resistance from the rest of the organization. The only way to really change it is to fire large groups of people (remove the tumor) and start over, but no one wants to do that, either. So it sits and grows and grows. Because of where I work I have zero faith in the FDA or CDC to be doing their job of "protecting" us. They have every incentive to lie and cover their asses, and zero incentives to actually help. They know that the vax doesn't kill everyone immediately, and that's good enough for them. As long as the blame can pushed away from them personally, that's all that matters.

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I don't believe we are seeing the results of "doctrine inertia". And that this whole timeline you've laid out is just the natural progression of one thing to another. While not proven, there is a lot of evidence that the virus itself was engineered and escaped. And if that is actually true then the whole timeline is orchestrated. If the virus was engineered through Fauci-funded GoF, we then have to examine how Moderna, through a partnership with NIAID, was able to code up a whole new type of vaccine within days. Moderna, who had failed to ever bring a vaccine to market, had a medicine that just needed a disease. It's the easiest "conspiracy" you'll ever put together. But I believe this is still an "Outer Conspiracy". For the Inner Conspiracy, we need to look at ultimate outcomes. How society is ultimately being transformed and sure that we have to jump forward to a yet-to-be-written Act VI (Act IV being the vaccines and Act V being the vax passports). Act VI is where it all comes together. And it's the real agenda, the real "Inner Conspiracy". It's the implosion of the global financial system, societal collapse, and the solution to save everyone from the abyss - CDBC, tied to your vax passport, hereafter to be known as your Global Digital ID.

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.


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My child's school has become the epicenter on how my understanding of this mass psychosis is shaped. Masks are hailed as the savior of the children to the point that all students have been forced to eat lunch outside since unmasking for meal time indoors is simply too dangerous. Parents volunteer their time to set up and take down canopies every day. When there is inclement weather, there are plexiglass barriers set up down the middle of the lunch tables. The students who sit at the ends of the tables are 'unprotected', as that child has two other unmasked kids too close to them without a plastic barrier and the parents complain. The school then spaces the children out on the floor to eat, so it is 'safe'. Parents have demanded that their child be moved to another classroom if there is a single unmasked child in the current room. Some have suggested segregating the masked vs unmasked children. One parent shelled out over $20K to purchase air purifiers for all of the elementary classrooms (an idea that is great for many purposes and something all schools should be doing anyway, but completely unrelated to the pandemic). The school saw a whopping 9 cases/week during the first few weeks of class. Parents screamed and cried that the school offer a remote option again. Cases disappeared, but the desire to jab the children remained as the only way parents could feel 'comfortable'. Here we are, the Pfizer 'vaccine' is approved for 5-11 year-olds. Within minutes of the CDC's vote yesterday, parents had already located a local pharmacy that was accepting appointments for this age group. I posted that the formulation being given to their children was not the same one used in the clinical trials and that while the pH buffering agent used may not seem like a major swap, it does raise flags and should be taken into consideration when injecting your child. The parents continued with their gleeful "appointment scheduled, so thankful" replies. The school even sent out an interest survey last week to see how many parents would want there to be a 'vaccine' clinic during school hours. IF these parents have made it to this point, where breakthrough cases are not rare, cases have plummeted locally and all available evidence proves that C19 is not a danger to any child who is not already seriously ill... I don't know how to explain this rush to jab as anything other than a psychosis. These people are literally mentally ill at this point. How long can they be brushed off as just victims of the mainstream media that can't be blamed for not knowing the truth because of what they're fed and 'don't have the time' to do any research?

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“These useless vaccinations will kill some of them, and they will not save any lives.”

A thought experiment. With the hundreds of companies mandating vaccines (due to Biden’s push), there will no doubt be adverse effects and deaths resulting from them. Statistically with large enough companies, say Facebook, these are company mandated deaths. A few employees must die to potentially save lives. Of course, kids being vaxxed for something less dangerous than the flu is a menace in and of itself.


^ Pfizer vaccine trial data integrity leaked by whistleblower.

They vaccinated the control group after less than a year and got away with it. Here we are, with a novel coronavirus, a novel vaccine technology and a novel vaccine, and we can't even do a 2 year longterm study.

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The toothpaste in the tube is a good metaphor. Best solution is discard the toothpaste and get a new tube. Virginia did yesterday. Others will follow. We need to remember the toothpaste in the tube isn't much use either. Gotta use it.

The old standard "toothpaste" of medicinal support for diet and lifestyle failures should change. Those who sit indoors eating snacks have problems. Healthy weight and good vitamin D levels produce adequate immunity for most people. The best outcome of this debacle would be realization that a medical industry focused on pills (and shots) is ignoring the necessary protections that have protected our ancestors for millions of years.

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A line from Macbeth comes to mind often and weighs on me -- "Something wicked this way comes." Not only because of what has transpired, but mostly because of what the future holds. Regardless of the reason, so many virus policies have been wicked -- family members isolated and dying alone, children denied an in-person education for a year plus, people being forced to take a vaccine or lose their livelihoods, etc., etc. I hope the US and the rest of the world pull back from the brink sooner rather than later.

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An important time stamp to remember in all this is the Democratic presidential nomination process was going on at exactly this time. A Trump vs Sanders contest was simply too unpalatable. It was not until it was clear that Sanders could not succeed that everything really unravelled.

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Thank you for this assessment. I grow ever more despondent as I negotiate daily the sheer unquestioning obedience and rejection of any doubts about where what amounts to a mass psychosis will lead.

The other day I met an acquaintance who recounted the layers of bureaucracy involved in leaving Canada and returning to the UK.

When I admitted to being a member of the resistance, she immediately disagreed vigorously, but then went on to relate the plight of a friend whose knee op has been deferred once more.

All this, while puffing away behind the universally useless paper mask.

I meet the same mind closed, ears blocked time after time: ostensibly well educated folk unable to risk changing their chosen acceptance of the dogma- for dogma it surely is.

Of course the COP26 smugfest is in full swing here: those who've ordered us to mask up, jab up and shut up, now busily planning a carbon free future for the masses, while they enjoy 5 star hospitality and travel by motorcade and private jet .

At present I can see no way out of this madness: the inquisitors cannot accommodate heresy and informed dissent.

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I am wondering what role the Internet and social media played.

Early on fear was spreading very rapidly with 24-hour news cycles and then amplified on

social media. Even 30-40 years things would go much slower. Politicians wouldn't be under pressure to "do something". There wouldn't be hourly updates on number of cases

and hospital occupancy.

If majority of the people were not able to "work" from home and be entertained by social media

and Netflix, the bureaucrats would not be able to convince anybody into pointless measures.

Now that "public health" doctrine has metastasized, vaccine/health passports and movement restrictions have been introduced, what is the chance that this doctrine goes away with time?

Humans tend to rather quickly forget some traumatic experience or mis-remember events,

but bureaucracy doesn't have such bad long-term memory.

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"This is already too long, so there will have to be a second part."

Aaaahhhhh NO, I cried; just as I was getting into it!

Thanks, as always, Eugyppius.

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One need not believe in so-called conspiracy theories. (Incidentally, for those who are unaware, the very term "conspiracy theories" was coined decades ago by security apparatus bureaucrats to discredit those who were on to their shenanigans. But that's another story.). All you need to do is ask yourself this: If you wanted to reduce the world's population in a covert manner, how would you do things differently?

Killing the elderly and infirm, via a virus.

Killing young men and teens, via a vaccine.

Destroying (or at least potentially destroying) fertility, by vaccinating females, including pregnant women.

And if you wanted profits and power concentration, how would you do things differently?

Adopt widespread use of mail-in voting.

Destroy small businesses.

Destroy jobs.

I'm sure I'm missing something.

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Thank you for article. God, protect our children.

I pray for parents to not inject their babies with this. Intervene, Lord Jesus. 🙏❤️🇺🇸

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Almost everything China has taught us in regards to this virus has had the effect of making our misery worse. Our elites are effectively following the instructions of a communist dictatorship that harvests organs of ethnic and religious minorities and sells them to the highest bidder. The lackeys bungling at the bottom of the Western bureaucracies are falling over each other to follow the rules of a playbook written by a ruthless genocidal dictator in a desperate effort to rise through the ranks.

It seems clear to me that China made use of the simple fact that we're governed by docile and naive people. They're the sort of people who are socially competent, agreeable and ambitious, but lack the ability to recognize when they're walking into a trap.

At this point, the only question that really matters to me in this matter is as following: Why are we receiving vaccines based off the Spike protein alone? There are two types of vaccines deployed around the world, one based off the Spike protein in Western nations and our allies, one based off the whole inactivated virus, distributed in China and to China's allies. Despite continually promising to allow Western vaccines into the country, China keeps stalling and delaying the administration of these vaccines that we're now giving to our youngest children.

If everything we know about evolutionary biology suggests that the Spike based vaccines are attenuating population-wide immunity in Western nations, then we need to be asking the question if that is really a kind of unforeseen global tragedy that nobody could have seen coming except for a handful of right wing Twitter anons, or whether we're walking into a trap.

If the inactivated vaccine works, why settle on a new technology with no idea of the long term side effects? If the inactivated vaccine doesn't work, how did scientists in the world's second largest economy miss this? There are two radically different approaches being taken here and only one can be correct.

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There is a remedy for evil and it is prayer! There is a Higher Power that can overcome this but He must be invoked.

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Wonderful article, I have no faith in the inner circle changing, at this point its up to the people to resist the blanket of controls put over us, until we can remove it.

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