We did an analysis of the real causes on Real Hero

French https://t.co/CVV7bhZmtH

and German https://t.me/real_hero_official/527

Summary on Twitter


Summer overmortality🇨🇭

Analyzed in detail in relation to:

- Age class involved: 85+ who are above life expectancy

- Temperatures: not so high and especially not 10 weeks heat as mortality

- Influenza in the spring (Sentinella) correlated to more deaths

- Booster doses 💉 correlated to more deaths.

Graphics and sources in the links

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Sep 9, 2022Liked by eugyppius

If they questioned the vaccines, their hothouse realities would collapse. They'd have the same nervous breakdowns and lurid freak-outs as the gender ideologues. They're so fragile, and so prone to wildly lashing out.

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Sep 9, 2022Liked by eugyppius

I’m naturally a pretty skeptical person, and I’m skeptical of the claims that the vaccine alone caused this uptick in deaths. However, I find it astonishing that so many people are completely unwilling to acknowledge that the vaccine is a likely or at least a partial culprit. The way I see it is there are three (maybe four) obvious potential causes that need to be investigated: Covid, covid lockdowns, the vaccine, and possibly drug use.

Covid is the big one - is the disease itself causing this?

The lockdowns created hospital shortages, people not getting early detection of diseases, economic problems leading to increased stress/suicides/drug and alcohol use.

The third major even is the vaccine - did the vaccine cause the increase in mortality we’re seeing now? It certainly seems to be correllated.

Drug use - it’s my understanding that leading causes of death for young people is still generally drug use. It’s exploded in my area, maybe this is a part of what we’re now seeing worldwide?

Regardless of the cause, I’m stunned when people rule out completely the vaccine. Honesty and science demand that we look at ALL potential causes.

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Sep 9, 2022Liked by eugyppius

What is interesting is that the excess death profile by age seems to be different in CH vis-a-vis other countries that are reporting early data. The lack of excess deaths in the younger age groups is striking in this context. If it's the vaccines, then they are not exhibiting the same effects everywhere.

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Sep 9, 2022Liked by eugyppius

I live in Switzerland and while I don't know many people in that age group, the CEO (60+) at the company where I work is talking about enjoying early retirement since he lost three friends (between 60 and 70 yo) in the past months due to various health issues which made him realize life is short. I assume (educated professionals in finance jobs) they complied with the recommendations and got boosted at least once beginning of this year (I only know for certain about our CEO though).

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Sep 9, 2022·edited Sep 9, 2022Liked by eugyppius

The medical industrial complex will never admit they were wrong, instead all excess mortalities in spite of the obvious evidence to the contrary will be attributed to “long CoVid”.

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"The reason must be anything but hastily developed garbage pharmaceutical products with a poor side-effect profile administered en masse, in multiple doses, to millions of people for no reason."

Amazing to watch the willful blindness and absurd presstitute theories.. it may buy them some time but as the casualties touch individual lives in staggering numbers until there is nowhere left to hide.

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Anybody dies any time within 28 days of a positive corona test -- 100% corona death.

Somebody dies 2 days after vaccination -- eh, it could be anything.

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Sep 9, 2022Liked by eugyppius

If you really think about it, it is mind bending to think that a pharmaceutical could be impacting excess mortality stats. The sheer scale of it. I sometimes have to pinch myself, but it remains the most likely possibility.

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Sep 9, 2022·edited Sep 9, 2022Liked by eugyppius

Now that everyone has had some exposure to Spike proteins, the "old school" covid death of someone on a ventilator in a hospital is a thing of the past. That was a product of an over-exuberant immune response to a novel virus the body had never encountered before. And because an over-exuberant immune response was the main cause, vitamin D would have worked well to dramatically reduce mortality and severe disease.

COVID mortality is now dominated by the indirect effects: Infection of endothelial cells, particularly senescent endothelial cells:



The result of this, along with the accompanying immune response, is that for a couple of months you see increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease after infection:


If the virus preferentially infects senescent endothelial cells, you would expect the effect to be concentrated among people already at risk of cardiovascular events.

Infection rates have reached dramatic new heights, because of the failure of the mass vaccination campaign, which has escalating negative efficacy against novel variants.

When you look at the situation through the model of excess mortality as an indirect effect of mass vaccination exacerbating the waves of Omicron infections, you become able to explain a bunch of stuff that otherwise looks mysterious:

-Countries that vaccinated early doing worse than late vaccinators (OAS). See: UK, Israel.

-Countries that vaccinated before most people have had any natural exposure doing particularly bad. See: Australia.

-Countries that pursued herd immunity doing relatively better: See Sweden, where cumulative excess mortality is now below Finland.

-Excess "non-COVID" mortality generally tends to rise and fall together with COVID mortality.

Whether Omicron variants are more or less damaging than pre-Omicron variants is just one side of the equation. The other side is: How often are people getting infected by Omicron variants?

Edinburgh's Omicron wave peaked at about 5-10 times as many active infections last month as the peak of their pre-Omicron waves:


And so if the virus has gotten less damaging due to intrinsic reductions in virulence and buildup of herd immunity, but we're simultaneously suffering unprecedented waves of mass infection because most of the population is stuck with a bad immune response, which can be independently verified through RNA in sewage, it would explain the wave of excess mortality, which has so far caused more excess deaths this year than during the past two years.

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Winter in the Northern Hemisphere- particularly Europe - should be a memorable one for the ages and man-made disasters…

The CDC is not a purveyor of truth, but I assume same is happening in the US. Anecdotally, my 52 year old seemingly healthy and boosted neighbor died of a heart attack last year, I know of a 50 year old healthy woman that died of a stroke after the vax and just had a 52 year old healthy friend suddenly develop kidney cancer and die. People die every day, but I don’t recall my parents knowing so many people dying at once when they were my age in the 1990s.

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Sep 9, 2022Liked by eugyppius

Haven't read the newspaper article, but the graph fudges a bit by grouping together all the over-65s. The official Swiss data breaks the elderly into two groups, 65-79 and 80+ yrs. It's the latter group which has been hit dramatically, at least in a comparison to week 34 of each year:

2020 - 28,198 deaths

2021 - 27,303

2022 - 29,924

In the 65-79 group, the picture is much more stable:

2020 - 11,122

2021 - 11,472

2022 - 11,440

These are raw numbers, which haven't been massaged for age standardization etc. They're published weekly, and give national figures for past six years as well as breakdowns by Swiss cantons. If anyone's interested, here's the link


The real answers to the mortality conundrum will not be apparent for at least another two years, when actual cause of death stats for 2021 and 2022 are available. Compilation, coding and verification of cause of death takes quite a bit of time. In France, for example, it takes three years or more.

For the time being, Swiss cause of death figures for 2020 are now available, and can be perused at


Analyzing and drawing bulletproof inferences from the future data will take years. But I think Eugyppius is clearly posing the right questions, and it's also clear that officials in virtually all countries have decided that shamelessly dodging these questions is the best policy.

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For how much longer I wonder can authorities in every country keep the lid on all this. Who will crack first?

Despite the efforts of the controlled and subservient MSM I do detect the signs of a Great Awakening amongst the public at large. Who, or should I say how many, people are you are aware of in your social circle who are departed/significantly injured. Maybe, just maybe, that will make some actually think.

It will be interesting to see the percentage take up of the "boosters" - assuming as always that the bastards tell the truth.

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This is one of your greatest paragraphs:

"The reason must be anything but hastily developed garbage pharmaceutical products with a poor side-effect profile administered en masse, in multiple doses, to millions of people for no reason. Exotic theories about how the heatwaves are especially devastating for Long Covid victims, deliberate overstatement of Omicron-associated mortality, wasp stings – anything but the vaccines."


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Occam’s razor.

What is the simplest hypothesis?

Injecting billions of people in the middle of a pandemic with an untested novel pharmaceutical product.

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Duh! I didn’t even think of Climate Change! That must be what caused South Korea all cause mortality to nearly double in April!

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