I know the posting schedule has been light – transitioning to full-time substacking involves a lot of mundane tasks (like moving offices) that I'm still dealing with. In another ten days or so, my transition will be complete, and I'm going to try to make the plague chronicle a daily publication.

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Knowing that, psychopath Gates wants to vaccinate cattle to get that mRNA in you at any cost. Wonder why?

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This nurse called it back in August of 2021.


August 28, 2021

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: This video depicts a teenaged girl whose mouth is covered with what looks like a large bandage, sitting at a table and holding up pieces of paper, one in turn, each part of a message from her mother, who is a registered geriatric nurse in Australia.


My mum has been a registered nurse since 1994

She has had extensive experience working in many different areas, ICU, maternity, oncology, district nursing, paediatrics, coronary care, theatre and taught nursing at university

She now works in Aged Care in Melbourne and loves her job.

Since this pandemic started, the facility she works at have had no one become sick or die from 'Covid 19.'

Nearly all 120 residents have been vaccinated with the Pfizer "Comirnaty" coronavirus vaccine.

10-15% of her residents have had severe adverse reactions or have died from the vaccine. CVAs "CerebroVascular Accidents" "Strokes"

Extensive deep vein thrombosis

Purpuric whole body rashes

Shingles breakouts

Sudden unexpected death

Obvious overall health decline - > death

None of these reactions were reported by their doctors or by the facility manager

My mum reported all of these to the TGA in her own time, requesting anonymity due to fear of retribution

My mum cannot speak out because the nurses governing body "AHPRA"

Has gagged all health care workers from speaking against government recommendations

AHPRA is threatening loss of registration to work in their profession if caught


These vaccines are dangerous

These vaccines are injuring people

These vaccines are killing people

And now our children are being subjected to these experimental vaccines

(Yes... this worldwide vaccine rollout is a trial, due to finish in 2023-2025)

Our children, that have next to ZERO chance of dying of Covid 19

These vaccines DO NOT stop infection

These vaccines DO NOT stop virus transmission

To expect herd immunity from these two facts is INSANE

Side effects and deaths from these coronavirus vaccines are not being taken seriously

are not being appropriately reported

and are being dismissed as coincidental

Thousands of doctors, researchers, epidemiologists, nurses, are being CENSORED WORLDWIDE



Do not trust your government

They are hiding the truth from you

Do not trust mainstream media

They are hiding the truth from you

This pandemic is not about health and safety

This is political...

These lockdowns need to stop...

Worldwide pandemic preparedness plans have never included lockdowns

Lockdowns are destroying lives

Suicide rates have dramatically increased

Drug and alcohol use significantly increased

There have been delays in preventative health screening and treatment

Domestic violence and family breakdowns have increased

The psychological impact on society is HUGE

Not to mention the huge financial impacts on individuals and families...


I beg of you

Get off Facebook and YouTube

Stop watching mainstream TV

Go to "telegram" "bitchute" or "signal"

Listen to the silenced

Listen for the truth

Trust your intuition

Health does not come from the end of a needle

Boost your immune systems

Eat a variety of organic fresh foods -- avoid sugar and processed fake food

Get fresh air, sunshine, and exercise every day

And FFS, take off those stupid bloody masks!!


that proves community mask wearing does anything to stop you from catching a virus


If you value yours, your families and your childrens lives

Do. Not. Touch. This. Vaccine.


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Most of the time, in the long run, free choice in a free market points to t he truth.

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Slowly but surely, the tide is turning. My concern is that they KNOW enough people were duped for the overall agenda to succeed. Or at least to move onto the next stage.

It's still incredibly frightening to see just how successful they were overall, however. All for something with a 99.7%+ IFR. The social engineers learned a lot from this global experiment and will refine their approach in the future.

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Read this out to my 11 year old for the joyfulness of the message and the sheer pleasure and quality of the writing. We’re homeschooling this year (for obvious reasons),-always great to include contemporary pieces of this calibre in the curriculum : ) Thank you!

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Someday this debacle of these clotshots/deathvaxxx will be compared to the process of “bleeding”.

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God's in His Heaven and all's right with the world

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Well unfortunately the mRNA technology will be rolled into ever more of the "classical" vaccines, thanks to the fact that the technology is now pre-approved and only the payload will need to be tested. I expect much streamlined test & manufacturing practice standards are in the works.

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May it be the nail in the coffin

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The amount of money wasted world wide on these worthless jabs is staggering. If these resources had been put to productive use it is hard to imagine the good that could have been done.

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the vaccinators will just start vaccinating animals and plants.

These people are unrelenting in their need for control.

Thank you for this update.

Funny thing. Last week we had skype chat with my aunt and uncle, formerly residents of Switzerland (Chur area) life long residents! They are both in their 80s now and retired to Palma Majorca. the chat consisted of myself and hubbs (conservatives) my sister (confused liberal) and my 99 year old father (old time democrat, clueless to the party today)

At one point, at least 35 minutes into the chat, Aunt Carla asked "What do you think of your President Biden?"

I started laughing. My sister immediately dove in and said, this is such a difficult time.

THEN, their laptop battery shut down the chat

We restarted the skype but did not continue the Biden discussion. Jeez.

What do people in Europe think of this kook of a president?

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Downhill for the vaccinators and all those manufacturing and peddling these deadly concoctions — until they’re 6 feet under.

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Hoping for expressed outrage at the mRNA “vaccines” very soon

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I never believed the purported “jabbed” numbers in the first place.

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Incredible when you really think about it. It’s not just the mRNA that’s wasted, it’s the millions and millions of glass vials, it’s the tens of millions of needles ordered to administer them (sure the needles can still be used but these are very long, small volume, small gauge needles, they aren’t standard use, i.e. they won’t be used quickly), it’s the energy and space required to store them in their special refrigerated containers, it’s the countless watts of energy wasted to keep those refrigerated containers humming at a brisk 2° for an entire year.... and so on and so on. And the assholes in charge just shrug it all off and move on without so much as a “whoopsie daisies!” in response.

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