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I can't help wondering how obvious interactions between various viruses through history might have been, had we been as fixated on testing as Covid made us.

When talking to friends my current favorite phrase is "compared to what?". People died of influenza every year. Hospitals were overrun during flu season, but that wasn't news. People would get colds several times a year and that wasn't news.

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Eric is a feiges Ding.

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While it's hardly a catastrophe, it is true that some new Omicron variant has swept through China over the past several weeks. Our entire family got it, as did many friends and colleagues.

For those whose previous infection was back in the spring of 2022, the symptoms (39C fever, nasty sore throat, then coughing) are overall quite similar, though with the addition of diarrhea in many cases. By contrast, those who went through an infection in Dec 2022 have for the most part had no fever and few symptoms.

Today I was in a hospital and there were still plenty of people without masks. From that I think we can deduce that the level of fear is for the most part non-existent.

Of course no doubt many in the West will claim it's just the flu. Yet even if we did not have the antigen test results (whose results are both reliable and reproducible starting approximately 2 days after infection), we would know it isn't "the flu" (感冒). Why? Because flu treatments don't bring any relief, whereas covid-specific treatments (e.g. HCQ/zinc/ivermectin) do.

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If I read one more article about how NPIs defeated the flu in 2021 I will implode.

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Covid-19 has been repeated, what, several million times in the past 3 years?

Influenza, or the flu, never benefited from this kind of reporting.

Go figure...

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Wonder why ALL these hoax pandemic headlines originate in China? Because it's the only place they can. You'll never see anything faked out of Warsaw, Zagreb, Paris, Munich, Bahia, Bogota, or Des Moines. The great chinese firewall permits them to make up whatever the hell they want.

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Eugy, I am unconvinced that viral interference is real. Assuming for a moment that it is, how would it work? Let's discount magic, that both viruses are everywhere, in the air and water, and engaged in mortal combat for the recruitment of new victims. OK, so the viruses don't actually interact through the ether. So this "interference" must occur in an infected individual.

Let's look at some scenarios based on three different "people": uninfected by either virus, infected only by coronavirus, infected only by flu.

Here's the table:

1. Flu virus finds a non-infected individual

2. Flu virus finds an individual infected with COVID

3. Flu virus finds an individual already infected with flu

4. COVID finds an uninfected individual

5. COVID finds an individual infected with the flu

6. COVID finds an individual infected with COVID

Flu infectivity will be unaffected by situations 1 and 3. If viral interference was real, only individuals who had active COVID would be immune from flu. Therefore the flu infection rate would only be reduced by the extent that the population was COVID-positive. As far as Mr. Flu is concerned these populations would simply be smaller and less dense, by a factor of 20%. We know, from studies of large, medium sized, and small cities plus suburbs and rural areas, that population density matters but not so much if the population is 1000 people per square km as opposed to 800 people.

Viral interference makes even less sense at actual COVID infection rates, which were probably much lower than 20% at any given time.

That said, there could be some immune priming going on, where the immune system of a person who's recovered from COVID is super-charged and fights off any infection. This could have been tested through surveillance studies but at the time it actually mattered everyone in charge was a vaccine salesman.

Of course this might work the other way too, that someone who had the flu couldn't get COVID, at least for a while.

The official party line, that the masking and other mitigation methods caused a decline in flu infections is absurd. None were shown to reduce COVID by more than a couple of percent, yet we expect that they were nearly 100% effective in preventing another, similarly transmitted respiratory virus, COVID??

Plus remember the EUA for one of the tests was lifted because the test couldn't distinguish between flu and covid???

Plus the financial incentives for diagnosing, abusing, and killing COVID patients??

The simplest answer is also the correct one. 2020 was perhaps a very bad flu season and just about everyone who died from influenza, like the millions with "six or more|" serious comorbidities in the CDC data, was categorized as a COVID death.

PS I am not an epidemiologist or medical professional. My PhD is in organic chemistry.

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My boy Michael “I’d rather have HIV than Covid” Olesen is at it again.


I spent first 18 months of pandemic in his private data group on FB before discovering Twitter and SubStack - it was fascinating to see the hysteria in such an intimate private setting.

So many screen shotted bad takes of his I have saved in a “follow up next year” folder, but, unfortunately, got banned for not towing the line.

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I find Peter Hotez to be a greater Ding ,Peter has built a decades long career on virus paranoia while the Dinger is basically a rookie.Starting to wonder is the medical profession is just a hive of narcissistic sociopaths.

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OMG now I know why I saw 2 masked people this morning ! One of the store employees, and a single man in a car ! they are WP readers. I thought no one ever read that rag anymore, but now we know who do. And we have to learn that from a German professor LOL. Thanks for clearing that up E !

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Most influenza strains have a CFR of about one percent among those one and younger. C19 is effectively zero.

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Thankfully I am immune from infection because I don't have a TV.

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It's almost as though experts don't actually know very much at all about virus and transmission thereof.

Terrain theory anyone - Must surely play a part in all this farrago - where are all the dead Chinese that the Guardian repeatedly told us would be the inevitable consequence of them abandoning Lockdown theory?

Question for Eugyppius - what does he think of Dr David Martin's take on the Moderna patents and that covid 1 and 2 were bio-weapons?

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Anyone with a scrap of sanity and the ability to plow through the media BS knows this is all nonsense. We have heard over the last 3.3 years all the endless prognostications that 10's of millions are going to die from this covid or that covid virus. Not more than a few handfuls actually did die from anything called covid.

If there were to be 10's of millions dying from some virus or something else, it would kill off the entire planet. How could you stop it? WHO, the CDC, FDA? All would be CLUELESS because they only know how to manage FAKE viruses and FAKE pandemics by using FAKE vaccines. And over the last 3 years, they all screwed even that up monstrously.

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Aside from this post, I wanted to wish you well as you move into the next phase of your life. I have truly enjoyed reading your substack and your great sense of humor along the way. I wasn't able to comment on your post yesterday as it was protected by a pay wall. You have been a breath of fresh air in the stifling atmosphere of Covid fog.

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Not "Western Media", it's "Mason Media":

In the USA, some believe in a “deep state” conspiracy involving intelligence agencies, corrupt politicians, military industrial complex, Big Pharma agency capture, etc. Yet, they can’t explain how this “USA deep state” also works in synchronicity, within hundreds of countries, where there’s no FBI, CIA, HHS, etc. Clockwork coordination of COVID genocidal response proved the existence of a “global deep state”, despite there is no global government!

There are no political or economic structures “formally” supporting such global governance. Then, who could run a government in the shadows without no mainstream media exposing it? Who controls global media in order to guarantee global censorship? Who pays political parties and political careers in hundreds of countries to control global politics?

Most still have doubts if Freemasonry (which worships Lucifer) wasn't behind the scenes. Why? masonic secrecy. Why do they need secrecy to the extent of murdering those who violate it? Is it because they are covering good deeds? Not goodness but evil needs secrecy in order to grow unchecked!

In most countries, worship still had restrictions when everything else was opened in full. Casinos were packed in Vegas while churches lock-downed. Why were churches the last to recover freedom? Is there a war between the city of Satan or the civilization of God?

Not explainable through money, power and corruption

“What makes a person want to control and hoard? What makes a person choose wealth or power or accumulating “stuff” over supporting each other thrive? Why would members of our own species want to destroy all life on this planet?

We aren’t dealing with your average Joe’s. They are multi-generations of inbred, disconnected, mentally unstable psychos whose entire existence has been destruction, murder and chaos.” 1

Think about it. If you were a billionaire: when is enough, enough? Is enough never enough? Instead of enjoying life with your loved ones, why would you spend most of your billions with a mafia obsessed to cull humans, risking a revolution and being jailed or executed? This is way larger than a psychonspiracy.

Why would Facebook Zuckerberg give 450 million away to rig the 2020 elections in favor of Biden and democrat governors when he didn’t get that money back from the government? Think: even if you were a billionaire fanatic of the Democratic Party, why would you spend 450 million dollars in bribery, risking jail? And 450 million doesn’t even count on what the Zuck Bucks bought in prior elections and 2024.

Why would a foreigner like Soros, who doesn’t even visit the USA, give away billions to the Democratic Party?

In 2010, masons Warren Buffet (who funded Microsoft) and Bill Gates founded The Giving Pledge to manage the money of any billionaire who, just like them, was a figurehead of the masonic mafia and had to return them the dirty money made from monopoly, usury, insider information, sabotage, moles, government grants and contracts, tax credits and arranged bids, stolen patents, mason or corrupt judges favoring them (e.g. when Zuckerberg stole Facebook), counterfeit money and laundering, drugs, etc.

This is not a coincidence: “Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway “was a seasoned user of tax credits”2 “Bill Gates of Microsoft, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and Warren Buffett control more wealth than the 160 million poorest Americans combined. And Buffett doesn’t mind working the system to keep it that way. His net worth as of January is $87 billion, but Buffett says he paid only $1.8 million in taxes in 2015—a mere 0.002 percent of his wealth. Buffett takes full advantage of tax loopholes. He uses Berkshire Hathaway, a valuable tax shelter, for his investments. The Republican tax bill will save Berkshire an estimated $37 billion, because the firm habitually defers its tax liabilities, which will now be paid off at a much lower rate.”3

Figurehead money had to be put to use under the mason agenda. Not only tax elusion explains why “400 highest tax-paying Americans donated between 8 percent and 11 percent of their income in 2010”. By 2019, the Pledge had raised more than 500 billion from 200 out of 2000 global billionaires. 1 It could now be over a trillion dollars (1000 billion), considering that the 2 founders gave over 100 billion, then it’s less than 1 billion for the rest, if we discount the top 5 donors.

Living Pledge hall of shame: Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft), Michael R. Bloomberg, Elon Musk, David Rockefeller (d. 2017), Jeff and Marieke Rothschild, Carl Icahn, Michael Milken (junk bonds scam), ...

They are not philanthropists (from greek, human-friends) but misanthropists (human-haters). They are not giving away their money: they are returning to Satan the stolen money to programs designed to exterminate us. Thank you but, no thank you! Their power is so obvious: their money is not taxed even if it’s destined to the common bad instead of the common good.

Why is it that so many billionaires are evil? It’s hard to believe s that money corrupts everyone: there are many examples that prove it doesn’t. It looks like there is a rigged system that searches to corrupt them (Epstein) and only allows the most evil to become billionaires by destroying the competition with unchecked illegal practices.

If it wasn’t for the freemason cabal, why would IBM masons give pimple college-dropout Bill Gates monopoly to IBM PC? He didn’t even have a software and stole/“bought” it from a Seattle programmer!

More here:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet

Politics got us in, politics is the way out ... after prayers!


Gates-WHO: vaccines can’t reduce population, except by murdering

Proof: they were never for reducing mortality, only for murdering!


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