Sitemap - 2023 - eugyppius: a plague chronicle

The Year the Pandemic Ended: A Retrospective

How the climatoids spent the summer lecturing us on the permanent drought that climate change has brought to Central Europe, and how they have earned nothing but rain for their hubris

Simone Schmollack, discourse policewoman, explains why there is no problem with freedom of expression in Germany because feelings are not facts and also because Putin

New Survey: Fewer Germans feel free to express their political opinions in 2023 than in any year since the early days of the Federal Republic

Prof. Dr. Bob Wachter, Deranged UCSF Dept. of Medicine Chair, explains what he is doing "Covid-wise" & why he masks in elevators but not restaurants in Day 1,371 of his Covid Chronicles

Alternative für Deutschland candidate wins mayoral elections in Pirna, the Left declares "Democracy is on fire"

Claudine Gay, Plagiarist

Why did Israel fail to heed advance warnings of the Hamas attack, stop the breach of their Iron Wall and immediately repel the invaders from the Gaza envelope?

An inquiry into Fuggalu, or: How the guardians of German democracy aim to protect our democratic constitution by punishing those who argue that the pandemic response was anti-democratic

On the Fruits of Certain Devious Schemes to Police Campus Politics and the Quiet Second Revolution in American Academia

"RSV Wave Underway" screeches the German press, as winter viruses rise unremarkably and in accordance with long-standing seasonal trends

In which Jay Bhattacharya punks Karl Lauterbach for a bizarrely mistaken rant about John Ioannidis, & the German media realise their health minister is an international laughingstock

The New Zealand Vaccination Records Leak: A New Analysis by William Briggs and Some Lesser Thoughts of My Own

In incredibly surprising and wholly unexpected turn of events, systematic literature review of child mask mandates finds no evidence they do anything to stop Covid

Bavaria in the Snow

Snowy Open Thread: Expiring Unwanted Expensive Covid Vaccine Edition

The Cyber Threat Intelligence League, Sara-Jayne Terp, and the unbearably idiotic schoolmarms who have been unleashed to censor the internet

Is Karl Lauterbach replacing two-thirds of STIKO, the "independent" German vaccine advisory body, to ensure the approval of shiny new RSV jabs from Pfizer and AstraZeneca?

Why the Managers are Not Great

Infighting and internal divisions intensify among German climate activists and their patrons in government, as political momentum shifts decisively to the right

Scientists conduct study to prove HEPA filters reduce rates of Covid infection, accidentally find the opposite

BBC declares "Black women most likely to die in medieval plague" after unnamed "academics at the Museum of London" collect doubtful statistics on 145 medieval skeletons in an uncited unavailable study

Once More on the Managerial Menace, Its Rise, and Its Causes

Who was responsible for the draft resolution, circulated among the state health ministers of Germany, demanding the vaccination of teenagers contrary to regulatory advice?

The bizarre campaign to vaccinate German children against the recommendations of regulators and in the absence of all evidence

Why were German politicians so eager to vaccinate children, and why are they lying about it now?

Christian Drosten's virus truth panels and the tiresome midwits who think it's all OK

Ampeldämmerung: Scholz government in crisis after doubtful budgetary manoeuvre to pay for Green climate fantasies with unused Covid funds is declared unconstitutional

On the curious schemes of various activists, ideologues and politicians to minimise the emission of certain atmospheric gases by restructuring our energy supply and thereby our entire civilisation

Study: Liquid natural gas, the great future hope of Robert Habeck's Green energy policy, causes up to THREE TIMES more emissions than coal

The Green Paradox: Why unilateral emissions restrictions may actually increase fossil fuel production and will always fail to do anything about atmospheric CO2 levels

Why the migrant crisis is a self-inflicted catastrophe for the European political establishment

After a 17-hour meeting to address the escalating migrant crisis, German federal and state politicians produce a 5000-word resolution that promises nothing and offers no meaningful solutions at all

How the political establishment sponsor the protests they want, suppress the ones they don't, and tread carefully when their clients go off-message

Why Daylight Saving Time is Stupid

The European Union walks back its ruinous proposal to mandate minimum energy efficiency standards for buildings, as the political will for climate policies continues to crumble across the West

As the German Health Ministry drowns in millions of unwanted vaccine doses, Karl Lauterbach begs Germans to please, please line up for their fifth jab

German Fridays for Future, after years of redefining climate activism as an anticolonialist struggle, now scramble to distance themselves from the pro-Palestinian rhetoric of their own organisation

First Nord Stream, now Balticconnector: What is happening to European Baltic gas pipelines?

The Managerial Menace

Gaza, Ukraine and the Fall of the Liberal International Order, or: How Western Politics Got So Crazy and Why They Seem Poised Only to Get Worse

Christian Drosten, enduring virologoid villain, demands mass livestock virus testing and scientific truth panels to enhance pandemic preparedness and marginalise people who disagree with him

Crazy Munich doctor earns nationwide press coverage with call for Germans to resume indoor masking because "we have a lot of infections right now," even though we don't

The very same Europe that stopped travel over a virus cannot close its borders against the global south, even as the failure to do so threatens the viability of establishment parties and the EU itself

AfD NEEDLE ATTACK UPDATE: After a week of politically motivated obfuscation & denial, prosecutors admit that AfD co-chair Tino Chrupalla was assaulted with an unknown substance at an Ingolstadt rally

On Israel, the Palestinian territories and the doubtful project of liberal peacemaking

Journalists for Die Zeit realise nobody cares about the Covid jabs anymore, pen 2500-word wall of text angsting about German "vaccine exhaustion" and wondering how things can have come to this

State elections in Bavaria and Hessen show the establishment parties to be in decline as political momentum shifts decisively to the right

Berlin expresses solidarity with Israel in the face of Hamas attacks, as pro-Palestinian riots erupt in the migrant neighbourhoods of the German capital

AfD co-chairman Tino Chrupalla in hospital following claims of a needle attack at an election rally in Ingolstadt

Nobel Prize awarded to mRNA researchers in effort to "Encourage hesitant people to opt for vaccination in the reassurance that it is safe and effective"

After Letzte Generation vandalise the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, journalists & intellectuals line up to explain why it's not a big deal, why the gate looks better now, and why we deserve it anyway

My Interview with Irina Slav on the Greens, the German Energy Transition, and What I Think Will Become of It All

Intelligence, IQ and the Midwit Effect: An Answer to Some Objections

German Economics Ministry caught hiding assessment, ahead of nuclear phase-out, that keeping nuclear plants in operation would reduce emissions by as much as 30 million tonnes of CO2 per year

Vaccines and the Midwit Effect, or: Why smart people seem to believe all manner of crazy things, and smarter people seem to believe them even harder

First the United Kingdom, now Sweden: As the European economy falters, Net Zero plans are retooled from hard deadlines to moving walls of future utopian aspiration

More details on the very strange efforts of the German Health Ministry to hide internal details of the Covid response from a parliamentary investigative committee

Oktoberfest virus hysteria and the persistent epidemiological mythology of the mass gathering

Study: With each Covid vaccination, healthcare workers get sicker – applying for progressively more leave and taking more analgesic medication after each dose

Renowned idiot Karl Lauterbach shows his vaccine pass to the cameras, reveals once again that his 2022 claim to be quadruple vaccinated is a lie

Covid Juice 3.0 hits the shelves in Germany, with interest at such record lows that many doctors have not even bothered to stock it

Plague Chronicle Book Club: Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain

In act of divine retribution, equestrian statue of Angela Merkel collapses spontaneously under its own weight

On Fact-Checkerism and the Mythology of Disinformation

American Centers for Disease Control recommend the updated XBB.1.5 jabs to everyone 6 months of age & older because this will "ease ... roll-out" and "improve ... equity"

AfD candidate poised to win head mayorship of Nordhausen (Thuringia); Sahra Wagenknecht announces plans to form her own protest party

Activism, agency, and the escape from mundane domesticity: The curious case of Judith Beadle, 43 year-old mother of two, climate vandal and self-gluing street activist

Ruinous Green energy ordinances pass the Bundestag, promising to reduce German emissions over the next six years by as much CO2 as China releases in a single day

Spiegel schoolmarm demands that Germans "act responsibly" and "get their masks back out" so she doesn't feel uncomfortable being the only "oddball" wearing a face diaper in public

German health authorities plead to parliamentary committee that they have yet to evaluate adverse vaccine events because there are too many of them

The Slow Death of Progressive History and the Fading Promise of the Liberal Future

Green Party mask fanatic predicts that a "Covid Fall" awaits us, calls upon Germans to resume masking

East Germany and the Failure of Liberal Democracy

Letzte Generation deface fountains, block traffic; new study quantifies the psychological harms of German school closures; Greens deploy dirty tricks to force their way into the Bavarian government

Virus understander and former Drosten associate Isabella Eckerle insists that Covid "is not finished with us" in ridiculous self-contradictory plea for everyone to stay worried

Christian Dettmar, the Weimar judge who ruled school mask mandates unconstitutional, is convicted of judicial impropriety and given a two-year suspended prison sentence

Two German childcare centres in Nordrhein-Westfalen issue child sexuality manifestos, waxing poetic about the benefits of masturbation and outlining rules for child sexual play

Dark Winter is tedious bioterror fanfiction written to inspire public fear of the smallpox virus and plead for the continued relevancy of its eradicators

Atlanta college with not a single documented SARS-2 infection imposes mask mandates and other "Covid-19 safety protocols" in a two-week campaign to crush the curve

Eris vaccine marketing hits Germany, complete with panic about a nonexistent August "Covid wave" ripped from British and American headlines

Nowhere do the climateers enjoy so much ascendancy over politics and the media as in Germany, and nowhere have they faced so many setbacks and humiliations

Bundeswehr plane dumps 200,000 litres of jet fuel into the atmosphere on two failed and unnecessary attempts to fly Germany's foremost Green politician to Australia

On the self-inflicted political crisis of the German ruling establishment, and why banning Alternative für Deutschland will deepen their failures

German media and political establishment ponder whether to ban the political preferences of a fifth of the population

Who are the globalists?

NYU Population Health Professor Anna Bershteyn suggests we keep panicking forever because it would be "really scary" if Covid "was as deadly as the MERS coronavirus"

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About "Operation Lockstep"

The Washington Post is worried about SARS-2 "uptick", upset that "those who still factor Covid into their daily lives" now have to pay for their own insane compulsive testing habits

Was the Covid response a coup by Western intelligence agencies?

Tepid virus panic and tired mask advice return to American media as the CDC prepares to recommend annual Covid vaccinations for no reason

The Arraignment of Donald J. Trump by the Coward Jack Smith

German discount supermarket chain joins forces with the schoolmarm state to teach their lower-income customers an environmental lesson about the "true cost" of food by overcharging them

Three Grim Myocarditis Updates

BAD NEWS: Eric Feigl-Ding declares Congressional UFO testimony "credible," proving we must be alone in the universe

The SPARS Pandemic Scenario is a long exercise in tedium and stupidity, which in no way predicts lockdowns or vaccine mandates

The true and the false vision: Towards a general theory of political stupidity

The Zhong Nanshan connection, or: How minor lockdown-promoting academics with no relevant expertise came to shape German pandemic policy at the highest levels

Were the lockdowners and the vaccinators really just trying to save lives? And is this what made them so dangerous in the end?

Why drinking camel urine is probably not very dangerous, or: The history of MERS and the false threat of emerging pandemic pathogens

Post-Covid Panic Idiocracy, or: The Phantom Lion of Kleinmachnow

In Search of Wave Zero

How strange it is, that Chinese researchers began promoting pangolins as a SARS-2 reservoir exactly as Western virologists were composing their ecumenical endorsement of natural origins for Nature

On the mercilessly idiotic and remarkably monotonous protocols of Chancellor Olaf Scholz's "Corona Expert Council"

I am writing a book

BREAKING NEWS: Prof. Dr. Bob Wachter, Deranged UCSF Dept. of Medicine Chair, Finally Caught Covid, Fainted in Shower, Is Now Recovering at Home

Self-gluing climate mob cement themselves to airport taxiways in Hamburg and Düsseldorf, block key intersections in 26 German cities because this will stop emissions

Journalist notices that "Post-Vac Syndrome", a false narrative of vaccine injury hyped by German health authorities to save their "safe-and-effective" thesis, hardly exists outside Germany

Quadruple vaccinated Queensland woman claims to be on her tenth Covid infection, hopes more vaccine doses will save her

The new public health campaign against the summer heat is stupid and malicious, and it won't save any lives

As Greens double down on their politically suicidal climate agenda, the German political establishment begins to crack

The German political and media establishment close ranks against the vaccine-injured

France Burning

German government to begin systematic surveillance of RSV, so that public health authorities can identify "outbreaks" and "implement measures to ... prevent spread"

Report: German soft power has worked for decades to undermine nuclear energy in France, "to prevent French industry from ... gaining a competitive advantage"

Covid suppressed influenza during the first years of the pandemic. This isn't a testing artefact, it's not a win for lockdowns and it doesn't make SARS-2 a special flu-eating supervirus

German voters in Thuringia democratically elect a candidate from the populist Alternative für Deutschland party, are denounced by state media and establishment politicians for being antidemocratic

Psyops, appearances, reality: On the recent Wagner putsch attempt

The Administrative Man

Pandemic Impressions III: The Great Beclowning of Science

The limits of populist resistance and the nature of Western liberal democratic government

The Ominous New Mood of the American Social Media Censors

Analysis comparing Japanese and German mortality once again finds substantial spike in deaths corresponding to the mass administration of Covid vaccines

German Health Minister announces new initiative to combat heat wave deaths by calling old people, reminding them to drink water

The Meaning of the Rainbow Revolution

Pandemic Impressions II: The Great Turning Inwards and The Great Opting Out

Pandemic Impressions I: The Lie of Aufarbeitung and The Great Silence

The bureaucrats & science retards responsible for the last three years of destruction and mass medical experimentation are unrepentant and eager to do the same thing all over again

As enthusiasm for the vaxx falls ever lower & millions of unwanted doses expire, the German press discover that maybe big pharma & their political enablers are not our friends after all

On Wokeness, Its Nature, and Its Prospects

The disruptive climate activists of Letzte Generation are thinly veiled agents of the state, who have received a broad license to disrupt and vandalise in furtherance of the Green agenda

NORD STREAM UPDATE: Spiegel, after running multiple stories blaming the Nord Stream attack on "Russian ships", reverses course and points the finger once again at Ukraine

Western media attempts listlessly to stir new panic about surging infections in China, studiously ignores what is actually happening there

Academia: Eine Abrechnung

German government report names the pandemic as a precedent for environmental policy, says lockdowns show that behavioural restrictions are possible & can win majority support with the right messaging

Energy-transitioner-in-chief Patrick Graichen resigns, in the first serious setback to the climate cabal strangling Germany

Study finds evidence suggesting retinal vascular occlusion may be a rare side-effect of the Covid vaccines, vaxsplainers sally forth in bizarre effort to debunk the totally plausible findings

Study: Healthcare experts and academics on Twitter wildly overstated the risk of Monkeypox to children, drowned out more reasonable and less sensational assessments

Hundreds of Middle-Aged German Women Lie Down on a Lawn in Berlin to Protest Long Covid

More on the Green climate cabal that is currently at war with German industry and society

A vast foreign-funded climate cabal with a death grip on policy is currently fighting hard to crash the Federal Republic of Germany with no survivors, and there is nothing anybody can do about it

German planners propose immigration framework for "climate refugees," as efforts to consolidate the whole establishment political programme around climate change mitigation continues

Biden admin & WHO finally realise nobody cares anymore, fold up last vestiges of the Covid circus; Polish health minister denounces Pfizer vax profiteering, amazingly asks if it is "only about money"

Unrepentant Corona arch-villain Christian Drosten re-emerges to give the vaccines credit for ending the pandemic and insist that lockdowns and school closures remain policy options in the future

On Anarcho-Capitalism, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and the Failed God of Democracy

After years-long pandemic mandates, German Health Ministry admit they have no idea whether or to what degree masks prevent SARS-2 infection at all

More on ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and the entire problem of early treatments: A general response to reader comments

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Progressive American Critique of Pandemicism: A Review of 'The Real Anthony Fauci'

Open Thread, and Tucker Carlson

German regulators revise their Covid vaccine recommendations for the 25th time, announce that we can stop jabbing children now

Vaccine injuries become the dominant theme of German reporting on the mRNA jabs, as the Covid vaccinations face unacknowledged yet ever wider cultural and social repudiation

REPORT: German Bundeswehr now almost totally disarmed, with munitions stores sufficient to support only one or two days of fighting in the event of a serious conflict

On epistemological imbalance, inversion as counterargument, inattendance to the harmony of the whole, the naive acceptance of origins as explanation, and the misidentification of epiphenomena

The "non-specific effects" of vaccination, or: How certain vaccines appear to have enduring influences on infections and mortality in the vaccinated unrelated to the viral infections they prevent

Nürnberg Health Department issues a novel outdoor mask recommendation to combat the nefarious threat of ... climate change-enhanced hay fever

Atomausstieg: In the middle of the European energy crisis and rising electrical demand from stupid energy transition policies, Germany takes its last three nuclear power plants offline forever

Nord Stream Update: The recovered smoke buoy, the missing mine, and the widening acknowledgement that (in the words of the New York Times) "it may be in no one's interest to reveal more"

US Veterans Affairs announces the acquisition of a bizarre silicone "Monkeypox training manikin," complete with a fake pustule that can be filled with fluid to simulate an oozing sore

Journalist advises against regretting the harmful and destructive pandemic policies he and his readers have supported, because they were well-intentioned and viruses are scary

Why crippling Substack links on Twitter is dumb, counter-productive and bad for everyone

Fuck Twitter, seriously. Substack is better.

The German pandemic ends as scheduled; nothing will ever be the same

Another day, another loss for the mRNA jabs, as old-fashioned live attenuated virus vaccines are shown to provide superior immunity in hamsters

Germany, having concluded some of the most insanely stupid pharmaceutical contracts in the world, will soon receive enough Covid mRNA vaccine to last well into the 24th century

Where the lockdown-justifying myth of impending ventilator shortages came from, and how it was propagated

The Origins of Virus Panic and the Importance of Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Rainmaking and Mask Mandates, or: The dumb chain of coincidences that brought community masking tyranny to the West

More on Bill Gates and the Exogenous Moral Orientation: A General Response to Reader Reactions and Criticisms

NORD STREAM UPDATE: Danish authorities invite the Russian company that operates Nord Stream 2 to observe the recovery of an unidentified object resting near the sole intact pipe

Plague Chronicle Book Club; Also Open Thread

Bill Gates has harassed the World Health Organisation into establishing a "network of top health emergency leaders" to indulge him with perpetual pandemic wargames, meddle in national governments

Merkel's State Visit to Wuhan on 6–7 September 2019: A Retrospective

Via a pilot project in Rheinland-Pfalz, health authorities contemplate a new programme to survey German shit in perpetuity for Covid as part of a virus "early warning system"

How a great part of social media vaccine censorship came to be steered by a small group of clueless Stanford undergrads, or: Why late-stage managerial bureaucracy will be the death of us

New fake "evidence" allegedly proving yet again that the pandemic originated at the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan just dropped

Bill Gates, the Global Depopulation Agenda, and What Is Actually Happening

Karl Lauterbach, in substantial reversal, says vaccine injuries are "dismaying," complains of "exorbitant" pharmaceutical profits, calls for vaccine manufacturers to fund an institute for those harmed

Zeynep Tufekci, sociologist and noxious New York Times columnist, insists "The Science is clear that masks work," fails after many words to actually locate any of this mysterious Science

Why we must mock the virus pests & the Corona astrologers & the pandemicists as the plodding careerist losers that they are, & avoid casting them needlessly in the role of omnipotent evil schemers

The Plague Chronicle Book Club: What Shall We Read?

NORD STREAM UPDATE: German media report that state investigators believe a six-person team, likely from Ukraine, planted the explosives at the beginning of September

Punctuated Emergence, or: A further defence and closer specification of my view that pandemic policies arise primarily from the unbounded myopia and stupidity of the people who govern us

Yet another leak reveals that Covid policies owe less to creepy conspiratorial globalists, than they do to the unbounded stupidity of our leaders, boring institutional dynamics and feedback effects

More on what is wrong with The Science

Despite 125 years of surgical masking, nobody has ever shown that the practice improves patient outcomes or prevents infections among hospital staff

Introducing the Plague Chronicle Book Club

World's most ridiculous fact-checker mistakes a verb for a noun, pens four nonsense paragraphs explaining why Hersh's Nord Stream reporting must be wrong because explosive seaweed is impossible

Open Thread Because I Have Been Moving Books Around All Day

New York Times readers confront the manifest failure of masks to do anything, cope and seethe

Karl Lauterbach's farcical Ministry of Health, in attempt to outlaw LSD derivatives, misplaces a dash, accidentally makes them and other heretofore forbidden substances explicitly legal

Welt report uncovers evidence of serious irregularities in the Pfizer phase 3 Comirnaty trial, suggesting systematic attempts to cover up adverse events at the Argentine clinical site

Whether hygiene insanity has displaced Wokery, whether Covid and Influenza benefit from hand sanitiser, and further thoughts on Hersh's Nord Stream scoop

NORD STREAM UPDATE: In lengthy interview with the Berliner Zeitung, Seymour Hersh offers more intriguing details about his source's account of the attack

Don't be fooled by dumb talkshows and the emerging disingenuous mistakes-were-made rhetoric – there will be no general Corona reckoning in Germany

What is wrong with The Science?

Seymour Hersh on the American "covert sea operation" to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines

Farcically disarmed Europe struggles to scrape together a few odd tanks to send to Ukraine

Lead author of the Cochrane mask review on the total absence of evidence for the efficacy of masking, and Cochrane's early and apparently deliberate interference in the publication of these results

Innovation in all fields of research and invention has entered a uniform, precipitous decline since at least 1945

Masks are a mass social delusion that do nothing to prevent infection, but that make some people feel better by helping them to cope with virus hysteria

After months of obnoxious pro-Ukraine jingoistic war propaganda, Welt suddenly admits to its centre-right audience that it's "essentially impossible for Ukraine to win"

Lauterbach in 2020: "Schools drive the pandemic, the research is clear." Lauterbach in 2023: The belief that many infections occur in schools and day-care centres “did not prove to be correct"

About that Project Veritas scoop

The Science we're meant to Follow is nothing but an arbitrary construct of policymakers, advisorial charlatans and journalists, which is why it always fails and we're never allowed to talk about it

Is the demand that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz green-light the export of Leopard 2 tanks more about hurting Germany than helping Ukraine?

How key virologists manipulated published research findings to cement a natural origins story for the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak, and then did the same thing again for SARS-2 in 2020

BREAKING HYPERURGENT NEWS: Prof. Dr. Bob Wachter, Deranged UCSF Dept. of Medicine Chair, Announces He's Ready to Resume Indoor Dining and Go Unmasked During "Small Group Gatherings"

Germany, "standing atop a billion-dollar mountain of masks" purchased by the panicked Merkel government in 2020, begins to "thermally reprocess" (i.e., incinerate) the rapidly expiring surplus

Unvaccinated German care home worker, accused of sparking a November 2021 outbreak in her residence that left three elderly women dead, to face criminal trial

The American Centers for Disease Control pledge a million dollars for the development of "a public health tool to predict the virality of vaccine misinformation narratives"

Open Thread: World Economic Forum Edition

The history of failed HIV vaccine trials confirms that overvaccination causes class-switching towards non-inflammatory IgG4 antibodies, reducing the effectiveness of the immune response

Energy Transition Farce Continues in Germany: Regulators, fearing outages, announce plans to ration power for environmentally friendly, state-promoted electric vehicles and heat pumps

Christian Drosten, after declaring the pandemic over in December, decides that actually it's not over in January, as Germany begins to end all remaining general mask mandates

SARS-2 and Paxlovid resistance; the vaccinator myth of myocarditis from Covid; the continued collapse of mask mandates in Germany; the coming Pfizer and Moderna 400% price hike

German mask mandates are quietly withdrawn one after the other, as it finally dawns on the broader public and politicians that they're stupid and pointless

Switzerland slated to destroy millions of mRNA vaccine doses in 2023, as even the olds have stopped caring, and nobody in the developing world wants the surplus either

Review of studies on vaccine-induced myocarditis finds that the Science we're meant to be Following pervasively obfuscates the risk of the mRNA jabs for young men

Alena Buyx, chair of the German Ethics Council, warns against assigning blame for pandemic failures, would prefer instead "honest retrospection" & "learning" because that sounds much nicer

Mentally infirm German Defence Minister Christina Lambrecht expresses her gratitude for the "special experiences" and "many encounters with interesting people" she's gained through the Ukraine war