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The Year of Omicron

New research suggests that repeated mRNA vaccination induces limited immune tolerance for the spike protein

Christmas Day: Open Thread

Merry Christmas

Cleveland study conducted to demonstrate the clinical effectiveness of the bivalent vaccines accidentally finds that the risk of Covid-19 infection increases with each prior vaccination

The New York Times, after deciding that lockdowns are authoritarian and bad when China does them, is now mildly terrified as Xi Jinping reopens and infections rise

The mystery of the surge in deaths from unknown causes that wasn’t, and the studious indifference of German regulators to sustained excess mortality in the era of mass mRNA vaccination

The New York Times explains to their sad, socially isolated readership why it’s time to mask up again, however stupid they feel being the absolutely last people to bother

Pandemicism and the Foreknowledge of the Virus Planners

Upper Bavaria in Winter: Some Photos

Now that Covid is no longer dangerous, shrieking hypochondriac and ScIEnCE-journalist-of-the-year Christina Berndt demands a continuation of mask mandates to combat RSV and influenza

First Snow in Bavaria: Open Thread

The Chinese Sinovac vaccine receives import authorisation in Germany, for use exclusively by Chinese citizens

EU President Ursula von der Leyen Announces Review of Protected Status for All European Wolves After a Wolf Kills Her Pony

On Fauci's Emails, and The Standard Science Paradigm, and The Great Reset, and Other Things

The rate of respiratory infection among German children is now approaching 25%, as lockdowns continue to bear their awful fruit

Long Covid is a Social Construct: Part II

Switzerland, Facing an Unprecedented Power Shortage, Contemplates a Partial Ban on the Use of Electric Vehicles

The Covidification of Influenza

Failed German Academic and Chinese Propaganda Agent Who Helped Design Early Lockdown Policies Gives Long Interview to Chinese State Media about the Inadequacy of the Western Pandemic Response

New York Times Decides Lockdowns are Actually Draconian and Economically Destructive when China Does Them

Happy Thanksgiving to All My American Readers

New Fauci emails show Christian Drosten, other Corona astrologers debating whether and how to address the laboratory origins hypothesis

After three years of studiously ignoring obvious patterns, The Science inches closer to acknowledging that viral interference is a thing

The Chronicle of Higher Education demands scholars receive “training in peer review” to reduce the instance of rude comments which hurt authors’ feelings

Oil Heiress-Funded Climate Taliban Attack Gustav Klimt’s Tod und Leben

The press are completely crazy and they are going to get us all killed

German government working with regulators to extend the shelf life of expired vaccine doses that nobody wants

Meet the bizarre German climate activists who glue themselves to roadways and demand speed limits and cheaper public transit, all with funding from an American oil heiress's nonprofit

Musk, Twitter, Speech

Australian Media: "Majestic Princess cruise with 800 COVID-19 patients set to dock in Sydney"

Schloss Pillnitz

UK Researchers: “Paradoxically, despite the success of COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, vaccine confidence has significantly declined since the onset of the pandemic”

German doctors lament "stagnating" vaccination campaign as the Health Ministry sits on millions of doses that will never be administered

Münster School of Health on How Best to Bake, Boil and Dry Your FFP2 Masks to Ensure Their Hygienic and Responsible Re-Use

Substack Chat Open Thread

Once More on Renowned Fool Emily Oster, and the Malign Influence of Head Girls More Generally

Emily Oster proposes “a pandemic amnesty,” suggests that “we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID”

On the Great Reset and the Hopelessly Complex Self-Propagating Cancerous Institutions Which Govern Us

Journalists Continue Their Valiant Struggle to Make Monkeypox a Thing

Reflections on a year of blogging, and what the next year will bring

German Energy Apocalypse Update VII

All the predictable Science charlatans decry latest SARS-2 lab origins paper as "bullshit" and "poppycock" and "numerology," offer no convincing argument or refutation of its findings

New Evidence for SARS-CoV-2 Lab Origins

The Mysterious Disappearance of Influenza

Nord Stream Conspiracy Thread

Boston University falsely denies gain-of-function accusations, lamely claims creation of chimeric SARS-2 virus will lead to "Targeted therapeutic interventions to help fight against future pandemics"

In totally fine and completely safe experiment, researchers curious about why Omicron is mild create chimeric horror virus that kills 80% of their mice

Not Everything Is Fake

Corona is a Flat Circle

Masks For Thee But Not For Me

Forty-Two Volunteers Snort AstraZeneca Intramuscular Vector Vaccine, Fail to Develop Mucosal Immunity

The People's Republic of China Has Become A Zero-Covid Hell

PCR Tests Yield Real Results, Even If They’re Often Abused to Propagandise the Population

What has happened to the ordinary human-infecting coronaviruses?

German Energy Apocalypse Update VI

The German Pandemic is Over

The Myth of the Mass Infection Event

Germany Spends 2.5 Billion Euros on 100 Million Bivalent Boosters Only To Discover That Nobody Wants Them

Felix Eick, Welt Reporter, on Why Dismantling Nord Stream Means Cutting Putin's "Arteries of Power"

Nord Stream Attack Updates

Apparent Sabotage Disables Nord Stream 1 and 2, Cutting Off All Direct Gas Supply to Germany from Russia

German Energy Apocalypse Update V

Belated remarks on Germany Health Ministry's fake news-laden "fact-booster" campaign

On Bad Writing and Banality and Klaus Schwab

Japanese Study Finds In-Vitro Evidence of Antibody Dependent Enhancement of SARS-2 Infection by Moderna mRNA Vaccines

Bill Gates and the Global Vaccine Mafia

Jonathan Engler on Anomalies in the Excess Death Statistics from Northern Italy in Spring 2020

Every day there is more evidence that the SARS-2 outbreak began months before the earliest documented Wuhan infections. Why does nobody care?

Masks are not a small thing. They're not sensible and they're not normal. They're ugly, they stink, many of them are full of carcinogens, and they're ruining our kids and our lives. It's time to stop.

German Energy Apocalypse Update IV

Corona Astrologer Christian Drosten Acknowledges that SARS-2 Has Become an Influenza-Level Risk, Fields New Justifications for Masks and Social Distancing

Sustained, as-yet unheard of excess mortality trend strikes Switzerland

For two years the British National Health Service transformed itself into the National Covid Service. Now the party is over and 1 in 8 people in England are waiting for hospital treatment.

Guest Post: Biden Administration Orders 171 Million Bivalent Booster Doses After Successful Eight-Mouse Trial in Which All the Rodents Got Corona Anyway

German Energy Apocalypse Update III

Bavarian Governor: No Mask Mandates at Oktoberfest

The Terrifying Vacuity of Klaus Schwab

Polemicisation and the Formation of Ideology

Blackouts threaten Germany as the proliferation of heat pumps and e-vehicles drives power demand to new heights

German Energy Apocalypse Update II

Lockdowns were garbage policies that made everybody sicker, sadder and poorer, but left Corona unimpeded: Part 423460734

Exhaustive study of German mortality data finds excess deaths tightly correlated with mass vaccination

A Thousand Days to Flatten the Curve

Open Thread Because I'm Working on a Thing

New Cool Trick To End Corona Just Dropped

Crisis Government; Excess Deaths in England; Christina Berndt’s Eleven Ideas

German Energy Apocalypse Update

Horrifying Thai study finds evidence of heart damage in 2.33% of vaccinated school-aged participants, authors conclude: "mRNA vaccination ... should be recommended for all adolescents"

Bourla Open Thread

Long Covid is a Social Construct

Pandemic Theatre and the Importance of Lauterbach

Lauterbach violates Berlin quarantine ordinances to attend press conference, accidentally reveals that he was last vaccinated 271 days ago

Lauterbach Mask Meltdown Continues

Karl Lauterbach declares that if too many people take advantage of his dumb vaccination incentives, he'll withdraw them

Viral: A Review

MoDeLliNG 'Study' Co-Authored by Deranged Virus Person Theresa Tam Claims Canada Would've Seen "Up to 800,000" Deaths and "Up to 34 Million" Cases Without Containment

Quadruple Vaccinated Enemy-of-the-Blog Karl Lauterbach Tests Positive for Corona, BEGINS PAXLOVID TREATMENT

Proposed German Legislation Envisions Mask Mandates for Those Who Refuse A Fourth Dose in the Fall

Karl Lauterbach Cites New Mask "Mega Study," Punks Himself Brutally

The Earliest Days of the Italian Pandemic, or: Why Nobody Wants To Talk About February 2020 Anymore


WHO Director Tedros throws in towel, tepidly suggests gay men should maybe think about reconsidering anonymous sex orgies after all, perhaps, if it suits them, possibly

Study: The larger a scientific field, the more conformist that field becomes, and the more lethargic its progress

RKI-Sponsored "Corona Monitoring" Study Finds 90% Antibody Prevalence in the German Population, Appears to Deliberately Understate the Rate of Natural Immunity

The BA.5 Wave in Central Europe Has Peaked

Joe Biden, America's Foremost Quadruple-Vaccinated Dementia Patient, Tests Positive For Corona

URGENT MONKEYPOX ALERT: Some New York City health officials now wondering whether they should be "...encouraging gay men to temporarily change their behavior..."

Office Slob to Thureophoros: A Guide to Running

Karl Lauterbach, virus wizard, appears to say antibody prevalence doesn't matter, inadvertently questions the entire premise of vaccination

Confirmed: General indoor mask mandates will return to Germany in the Fall

Deutschland schafft sich ab

Robert Koch Institut appears to agree that greater natural immunity in East Germany may be partly responsible for lower BA.5 infections there

Christian Drosten is Still Mad about the Great Barrington Declaration

Bavarian Health Ministry plans propaganda cartoons featuring "Secret Agent 00-Vax" to "explain" vaccination to children, enters talks with computer game industry to feature more masked characters

Government by Vampire Zombie Squid

From Wild-Type SARS-2 to Omicron: Towards a Theory of Corona Evolution

New York Times: "The U.S. May Be Losing the Fight Against Monkeypox"

Anthony Fauci, on day 26 of his Paxlovid- and vaccine-enhanced Corona experience, says that he is "Close to if not at 100% the way I was before infection"

Even the peer-reviewed academic science that everyone is supposed to follow provides clear evidence that vaccinating young people is dangerous and stupid


No More Special Privileges for the Vaccinated

Dresden: The Frauenkirche

Eugyppius in BILD

"Normal civic life has become an emergency"

SARS-2 Didn't Care About DDR Borders Until the Vaccines

Anthony Fauci Suffers Paxlovid Rebound in Second Virus Humiliation This Month

Omicron BA.5 Prefers Hypervaccinated Masking West Germans, Avoids the Former DDR

Towards a General Theory of Corona and Why No Interventions Ever Seem to Work As Intended

Austria Set to Retire the Vaccine Mandate by End of August


Lies, Propaganda and the Truth

CDC Releases Aggressively Stupid Pamphlet on 'Social Gatherings, Safer Sex and Monkeypox'

Why Fauci Is Probably Fully Vaccinated And Also Surely Evil

Everything crazy internet people told you about why lockdowns were a bad idea is coming true

Double-masking quadruple vaccinated Anthony Fauci tests positive for SARS-2

Guest Appearance on 'Unpopular Opinions'

URGENT ALERT: Virologists issue urgent new Monkeypox warning about .... racism

We really understand almost nothing about how viruses other than SARS-2 ordinarily behave

Against Coronadoom

SARS-2 surges only in the winter, goes endemic after two waves, is impervious to vaccination, and has become harmless with Omicron

Bundestag Expert Committee Draft Report Finds No Evidence That Lockdowns Did Anything

Talking to Normies About Vaccination

The Permanent Pandemic

Bundestag Vice-President demands new pandemic legislation that will enable a return to mask, test and vaccine requirements in the Fall

Regular Posting to Resume Soon

Open Thread: Publication Bias Edition

CDC study purporting to find substantial protective effects for school mask mandates fails to replicate

Klaus Schwab on why he loves fact checkers, how shocking he finds Great Reset conspiracy theories, and the time somebody hit him on the head with a rock

Open Thread: Zero Monkeypox Edition

WHO adviser: "Monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease because reasons"

German Vaccine Regulators Recommend mRNA Vaccination for Young Children

Open Thread, also Monkeypox

Liberalism, Progressivism, Leftism

Bill Gates and the Coordinated Campaign for Nasal Spray Vaccines

On the Failure of Conservatives to Mount Effective Opposition to the Most Insane Policies Ever Visited Upon Mankind

The Corona Myth Assumes its Final Form

Ukraine and Western Geopolitical Mythology

Hypervaccinating gigamasker Bill Gates tests positive for SARS-2

The Problem Is Not that They Are Lying, But That They Have Gone Mad

The Booster Campaign Has Been A Stupid Thing

Woke Vipers in the Academy, or: The Vile Mary Rambaran-Olm Strikes Again

We Must Find a Way to Prevent Bill Gates from Preventing the Next Pandemic

Open Thread

Checking in on the Zero-Covidians

The Relentless Banality of Bill Gates's Mind

Reminder: Respiratory viruses infect huge numbers of people all the time, and nobody cared about this until 2020

Corona as Ideology

Following the Science is Impossible and Stupid

Open Thread, also Hamburg Fail

Open Thread: Conferences and Talks Return

Christian Drosten, Karl Lauterbach try to block the work of a Health Ministry committee set to evaluate the effectiveness of lockdowns, other containment measures

It is not enough, to explain crazy state policies by invoking an abstract will to "power" or "control."

Germany: Vaccination Clown World

Brief thoughts about thinking

SARS-2 isn't doing much of anything right now.

The war against Corona cannot be won, and so for many it will never end

Happy Easter Saturday to all my readers

Rintrah Radagast: "It should not be the job of government to stop viruses from spreading by rationing social interaction among healthy people"

Michael Senger's Snake Oil: A Review

Yet Another Paper Fails to Find that Masks Do Anything

The Mask Problem

Chris Bray on the Systemic Failure of Western Journalism to Comprehend and Report on Complex Matters

After Mandate Defeat, Lauterbach Vows to Bring Back Restrictions in the Fall

Vaccine Mandate Decisively Defeated in German Bundestag

German health minister admits mandatory quarantine rules are useless, keeps them on the books anyway as a "signal"

Why are the Chinese losing their minds over Omicron?

Farewell, Christian Drosten: May You Podcast No More Forever

The Last Day of General Containment in Germany: Open Thread

BILD: General Vaccine Mandate A Dead Letter in the German Bundestag

Rob them of their problems, or you’ll get their solutions

SARS-2 Is Not Special

St Margareth, Bayrischzell

The End of Corona?

Open Thread

In which Bavarian Public Radio realises Ukrainians are uninterested in vaccination, and wary of the vaccinators

Christina Berndt, SZ Journalist: "If Germany lifts mask mandates and I keep masking, people will think I'm a strange eccentric, therefore Germany should not lift mask mandates."

In Germany, Corona Limps On

Alex Berenson's Pandemia: A Review

Tomas Pueyo, lockdown thinkfluencer, issues edict on the Ukraine

The Globalist Enemy

Did Corona Kill Climate Change?

My Interview with Sotonye Jack at Time Well Spent

German Anaesthesiologists: "We will not treat Russian and Belarusian citizens. Our solidarity is with the Ukrainian people!"

NYT: "Do Covid Precautions Work? Yes, but actually not really."

Exploring a late 1930s Gruen Curvex Watch: Part I

Ukraine and the Global American Empire

From sore arms to sudden death

Long Lauterbach

Ortrud Steinlein, Director of LMU Clinic for Human Genetics: “Due to Putin’s violation of international law … we are refusing to treat Russian patients …”

Open Thread While I Work On A Thing

Andreas Schöfbeck, German insurance executive who warned of the high vaccine side-effect rate revealed by billing data, has been fired

Strength and Weakness

Open Thread: Sukhoi Su-27 Edition

The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut Responds to Health Insurer's Claims that Vaccine Side Effects are Massively Underreported

Write to me about your experience with vaccination

German Public Health Insurer: Vaccine Side Effects Maybe 8 to 10 Times More Frequent Than Officially Reported

Long Vaccine

Why People Believe Wrong Things: A Response to Reader Critiques

Why People Believe Wrong Things

Public Health Scotland Discontinues Vaccine Efficacy Statistics: "COMPARISON OF CASE RATES IS INAPPROPRIATE"

BioNTech Introduces the BioNTainer


Christina Berndt, lunatic journalist: We need mandatory vaccination, not mandatory reopening

N95 Basketball

The Bat Lady from Wuhan and the Very Clumsy Lies She Tells


Karl Lauterbach on why Omicron is actually in fact truly dangerous, Part 32112431.

Containment Collapse: Reader Reports

59 Year-Old Hypervaccinated Corona Hystericist Driven Insane by Unvaccinated Husband

Omicron and Original Antigenic Sin

Corona Collapse: Reader Reports Wanted

Against Peer Review

Head of Austrian Bioethics Commission: This is but the beginning of a glorious new era of mandatory vaccination.

Why bother with restrictions if everyone's going to get Omicron anyway?

Contingency Plans

The Center for Countering Digital Hate is Dumb

Eugyppius in the Guardian

Testing Healthy People is Stupid

The Vaccinators Are Angry

What convinced you containment was a scam?

German Health Minister: "No one will be vaccinated against their will; the vaccine mandate will simply lead people, ultimately, to accept voluntary vaccination."

Unboostered Brits Infected and Dying at Higher Rates than Unvaccinated

The Vaccinators Will Never Stop Vaccinating

Former Bay Area Lockdown Guru: "OK Everybody Please Stop Locking Down Now"

Contagion and the Prophecy of Pandemic Planning

UKHSA Vaccine Efficacy Statistics: Week 2

What convinced you containment was a scam?

What convinced you containment was a sham?

Are the vaccines doomed, or are we?


With Omicron: Negative Efficacy Like Never Before

Drosten, Corona Astrologer, Noted Hysteric: "We have to open the door for the virus here and there"

Diversifying the Faculty

Spontaneous Order in Complex Systems

Errors, Forced and Otherwise

It is not about Corona anymore